People Are Sharing Their Remarkable Foot Care Transformations On TikTok

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(Photo: Julia Davila-Lampe via Getty Images)
(Photo: Julia Davila-Lampe via Getty Images)

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Let’s admit it, many of us really don’t like to look at or even speak about feet.

Most feet don’t look that appealing, but is that because we’ve completely missed out on a foot care routine? We know how to pamper our face and our body, but have we been neglecting our heels, soles and toes? It seems so!

Foot care routines have been taking over TikTok, with the hashtag #feetcareroutine receiving 363.8k views. And this particular video has been doing the rounds.

@missskena Reply to @sweetandsouracid Use this every single day and in a month you will see A HUGE DIFFERENCE #skincare#feetcare#scars♬ FOLLOW ME MIKUULSTANCE - Mikuulstance

User @misskena completely changed the appearance of her feet and we are in awe. One user commented: “FEET CAN GLOW ! what part of the body can’t glow 😭😭.” Another user said: “Yeah okay this is the TikTok I’ve been waiting for.”

So, how exactly did she achieve this incredible foot transformation? And what do other TikTokers recommend? We’ve linked to a few products to get you sorted.

MissKena starts off by soaking her feet in hot water. Then, she washes her feet with exfoliating gloves. After this she uses a foot scrub to scrub off any dead skin, which is followed by a mud mask and then a foot mask.

Lastly, she creams her feet with a moisturiser, foot oil and vaseline. It may sound excessive but the results show how worthwhile having a foot routine is.

User @lizzieaomi has a similar routine for her feet, too.

She starts by washing off excess dirt with the Sanctuary Body Scrub then she uses exfoliating gloves to wash her feet and she rounds if off by scrubbing off any dead skin.

Meanwhile @tiaraimanimusic has a very thorough foot routine, which includes soaking her feet in epsom salt, scrubbing her feet with a foot file and using a cuticle to clean off any remaining dirt.

Try these hacks for a little self-care and your trotters will be transformed in no time.

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