A Creepy TikTok Trend, Harry Styles's Buzzcut, And More Things The Internet Is Talking About

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Scaredy-cats, look away. A popular TikTok trend is giving everyone the heebie jeebies as people attempt "uncanny valley" makeup.

It's all about looking almost human, but not quite. Kind of hope this trend dies soon, tbh!!!

In less creepy news, Twitter is not really handling the fact that Harry Styles shaved his head very well.

Twitter: @hrrymyfriend

Safe to say fans were a bit devastated and even throwing out theories as to why...particularly because his ex Taylor Swift just released a song allegedly about him.

Twitter: @ally_sheehan

And speaking of celebs-turned-memes, a classmate of Lady Gaga's has spoken out about how "annoying" the singer was at NYU, and the internet is loving it.

Twitter: @dollopgaga

I mean, it's Gaga! Can you blame her?

Twitter: @monzterstan

Finally, I have to share this viral video from creator @em_august that *perfectly* captures how it feels now that it gets dark before 5 p.m. every day.

Yup, it's definitely dysentery.

And now, the part where we share things from around the internet that might just make you smile.

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Kathy Hoang / BuzzFeed

Get ready: Because the actors strike is over!

Twitter: @Goldxn_Violin

Subscribe: To being "dilulu."

Twitter: @aprilrosiekay

Wrap: Up your Spotify before it's too late.

Twitter: @raspberhrriies

This: Is *my* Thanksgiving feast.

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