People can't stop talking about one person from Netflix's The Puppet Master

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Photo credit: The Puppet Master - Netflix
Photo credit: The Puppet Master - Netflix

Netflix's latest true crime series The Puppet Master has just hit the streamer, and while fans are still baffled and shocked over the truly horrific events of the story, they were also pretty obsessed with one person from the series.

The Puppet Master follows "the jaw-dropping story of one of the world's most audacious conmen. Over the course of a decade, Robert Freegard controlled, conned and fleeced at least seven women and one man, stealing close to a million pounds," Netflix's official synopsis reads.

"His traumatised victims were led to believe they were accomplices in highly elaborate secret service operations and that their families were in grave danger if they did not obey. Freegard exploited, abused and controlled them with extreme cruelty, confident his victims were too paralysed by fear to escape. Now, in an incredible twist, the story reaches into the present day, with a family who fear for their mother's safety."

Photo credit: The Puppet Master - Netflix
Photo credit: The Puppet Master - Netflix

The story has left many fans very emotional, after revelations about Freegard's manipulation direct from his victims, and a scene in which the children of his current victim meet with one of the survivors, Sarah Smith.

Throughout the series Smith tells her devastating story, along with her father, Peter Smith, who explains his role in tracking his daughter for more than a decade while she was missing and under Freegard's control.

While the story left many fans devastated and wanting to help the family whose mother is currently missing, it also prompted many of them to comment on the incredible work of Peter Smith, who not only tracked his daughter like a full-on detective, but who stayed loyal to finding her for more than ten years.

It is fairly impossible not to be impressed by this man.

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