People Always Tell Me I’m the Best Gift Giver — Here Are 8 Things I’m Buying on Sale Ahead of the Holidays

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Cyber Monday is my time to shine.

<p>July/ JB/ Nordstrom</p>

July/ JB/ Nordstrom

I know what you’re thinking right now: It’s the last day of some of the best deals of the year, and while you’re very aware that now is the best time of all of 2022 to do your holiday shopping, the sheer number of sales going on is enough to make you want to skip it altogether. Where do you even begin? What do you even buy? It’s a lot to digest, but I have some answers.

Buying gifts is certainly a skill (an artform, if you will), and while I will always firmly believe that my mother is the best gift giver of all, she’s bestowed some of her wisdom upon me — so much so that my friends have now given me the title “best gift giver” multiple years in a row. An honor! And while yes, I still call my mom to help me get my gift-giving wheels turning — I’ll always need mom! — I think I’ve perfected the art of shopping for holiday presents during Cyber Week, which is why I’m sharing everything that I’m eyeing as gifts below.

From the coziest pair of Birkenstocks that are on sale for the first time ever to a beautiful bottle of wine to a diamond ring that’s certain to shine (literally), check out all the fashion editor-approved gifts currently still on sale. TBD how long these prices will last, though, so add to cart now and place under the tree next week. You’re welcome!

Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling-Lined Slide Sandal



If there’s one gift you can never go wrong with, it’s a comfortable pair of shoes. Think about it: When you received cushy, cozy footwear, which I’m sure you have before, how excited were you about said gift? You probably put them on right away (I do!), and wore them all winter long (I do this, too!), right? That’s why these shearling-lined Birkenstocks, the German comfort shoe that celebs wear all the time, is top of my list to give to my mom and friends. I’ve never seen the style go on sale before either, so the $40 savings are a real treat. *Adding to cart as we speak.*

Shop now: $120 (Originally $160);

Jenny Bird Toni Drop Earrings



Earrings — and, well, jewelry in general — is one fail-safe gift you can always fall back on. That said, there are vast differences in quality jewelry and mediocre jewelry, but anything you get from Jenny Bird will easily fall into the former. I own a few earrings from the brand, and every time I wear them, I get immediate compliments. The staples are unique but still read more timeless, meaning they’ll never feel outdated, and that quality is impeccable, especially for the price. Most retail around $100, but could easily cost twice that much. I’m eyeing these Drop Earrings to give to my sister (hopefully she doesn’t read this).

Shop now: $69 (Originally $115);

Nordstrom Cashmere Crewneck Sweater



Soft? Cuddly? Sleek? Under-$100 right now thanks to Nordstrom’s Cyber Monday Sale? This cashmere sweater is certain to make anyone on your gifting list — read: mother, mother-in-law, sister, or BFF — oh-so happy. I own one, and can attest that it’s one of the softest, most luxe-feeling knits I have ever tried; no itching, no uncomfortable, scratchy feeling against my skin. Just pure cashmere goodness, and when you can give the gift of luxe comfort, why wouldn't you?

Shop now: $80 (Originally $129);

Fulton The Classic Insole



Practical gifts are always a winner, and the minute I tested out these Fulton inserts, I knew that I was going to give everyone on my holiday list a set as a stocking stuffer, because, well, it’s an instant shoe upgrade, so much so that they can probably make your most uncomfortable shoes comfortable. Yes, really. I know that my mom, who works in retail and is on her feet all day, sometimes for 10 hours straight, is going to be so obsessed. Plus, thanks to Cyber Monday, I can save 25 percent on each set I buy. So frankly, why wouldn’t I stock up today? (And yes, I'm buying insoles for myself, too.)

Shop now: $36 with code HOLIDAY25 (Originally $48);

Ring Concierge Open Diamond Wrap Ring

<p>Ring Concierge</p>

Ring Concierge

This one’s a bit of a splurge, but it wouldn’t be holiday shopping — for family, friends, or hey, even for yourself! — without a pretty diamond ring that’s essential in, well, frosting yourself this season (hey, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). Just imagine how anyone you’re gifting this to will feel when they unpack their gift and see a bright, diamond-encrusted ring from Ring Concierge in that pretty jewelry box. Pure joy, that’s how they’ll feel. And when you can gift a girl joy and diamonds, why would you pass that up? Plus, this unique wrap ring is more than $100 off during the brand’s Cyber Monday sale, so, umm, hurry.

Shop now: $374 (Originally $498);

Trade Good Citizen Coffee, Cup & Clip Gift Box



When in doubt, give someone coffee (unless they don’t drink it, of course). And while there are quite literally thousands of coffee beans you could pick from, Trade has some of the best, even offering curated gift boxes with coffee essentials like a mug, spoon, and coffee bag clip. This one’s $10 off during Cyber Monday, and throughout Cyber Week, you get a free bag of coffee when you buy a gift set (or a subscription). Two bags for the price of one? I’m in.

Shop now: $69 (Originally $79);

July Personalized Drink Bottle



Personalized gifts are honestly some of my favorites. It just feels even more special, like the person went a step beyond to give you something really, really unique to you. This year, I’m doing personalized presents, but making it practical, like this July Drink Bottle (because, hey, who couldn’t benefit from a new bottle, right?)

Shop now: $55 with free personalization;

Avaline Cabernet Sauvignon



Quality wine will always make for a great gift, and if you haven’t tried the options from Avaline, now’s the best time to do so because everything is 20 percent off through the end of day, no code needed. It’s the brand’s biggest sale of the year, which means one thing: Stock up now. Whether you’re going to a holiday dinner, need to impress your new partner’s parents, or just want to have something on hand for any last-minute soirées, Avaline’s wines have your back (err, liquor cabinet) covered.

Shop now: $24 (Originally $30);

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