Peach & Lily Hits 5 Years and a Sales Milestone

Peach & Lily is hitting two major milestones at the same time.

The brand, founded by Alicia Yoon, is commemorating its fifth year in business at the same time that it is nearing $100 million in combined net sales with sister brand Peach Slices, according to industry sources.

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“Even though we’re hitting this scale, it’s only the beginning because we actually have a tight distribution and a tight SKU count. There’s a lot more expanding we can do,” Yoon said.

Peach Slices is sold in Ulta Beauty, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. Peach & Lily is sold at Ulta as well. That brand is largely known for its hero serum, the Glass Skin Refining Serum, but Yoon said that serves as a gateway for consumers to experience the rest of the business.

“We have the Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser, the Wild Dew Treatment Essence, the Glass Skin Refining Serum and the Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream. When you go to our shelves at Ulta, it’s the four-step glass skin routine, and all of those products do phenomenally well. They’re all carefully curated ingredients that work synergistically together, and we have a very high loyalty and return to the brand,” Yoon said.

She attributes the brand’s success to its underlying philosophy. “I was consumer number one. I have severe eczema and always had to make trade-offs in skin care,” Yoon said. “I felt that I could have good superficial products that were soothing and hydrating, but when it came to hard-hitting clinically potent and active ingredients, that’s going to irritate my skin. For Peach and Lily, it’s about having powerful, active skin care that’s made gentle for all.

“Glass skin epitomizes that when we launch newness, it ties back to this philosophy of how we approach our brands, which is achieving healthy skin holistically,” Yoon said. “We just launched our Copper Peptide Pro Serum, and what we’re saying is that you have Glass Skin Refining Serum with hydration and calming ingredients, and you can use this new one to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. It’s educating on how your skin works together holistically — you need hydration for those peptides to go further.”

Yoon envisions the brand expanding internationally, given that both Peach & Lily and Peach Slices are largely only available in the U.S. “We do ship from our website, but it’s more limited. We’re not in retailers abroad,” she said.

Peach & Lily started as an e-commerce platform for Korean skin care in the U.S., but Yoon underscored that she’s thinking of marketing beyond the digital realm. To that end, she’s introduced an out-of-home campaign to commemorate the brand’s birthday.

“We always had a diverse set of marketing channels because you want to be as accessible as possible,” Yoon said. “We do digital marketing, of course, but the diversity is important to meeting customers where they are.

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