New pay deal for women's cricketers called a 'game-changer'

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand’s female cricketers have signed a landmark pay agreement which will see them receive the same match fees as their male counterparts.

The five-year deal, which covers domestic and international players, is the first which sees men and women combined under one pay agreement. Under the deal between New Zealand Cricket, provincial associations and the union representing players, members of the New Zealand women’s team and players in domestic teams will receive the same match fees as men in all competitions and formats.

The agreement will see men’s and women’s players receive just under 30% of New Zealand Cricket’s revenues over the five-year period, amounting to around 104 million New Zealand dollars ($64 million).

“Translated, this means the highest-ranked White Fern would be able to receive a maximum of 163,246 New Zealand dollars ($100,755) a year, up from NZ$83,432 ($51,486),” New Zealand Cricket said.

Domestic women’s players have agreements which allow them to hold other jobs or pursue studies while playing cricket. The number of contracted female players at domestic level also will be increased.

Top male players will continue to receive higher retainers under New Zealand Cricket’s contracts system based on the fact they play more matches.

The top-ranked New Zealand men will now receive a maximum retainers of NZ$523,396 ($322,987).

New Zealand women’s captain Sophie Devine called the new deal “a game-changer.”

“It’s great for the international and domestic women players to be recognized in the same agreement, alongside the men,” she said. “It’s a massive step forward and will be a huge drawcard for young women and girls.”


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