Paul O’Grady set aside £125,000 for care of his five dogs in £15.5 million will

Paul O’Grady set aside £125,000 for the care of his five dogs in his £15.5 million will.

The animal-loving comic and TV host, who died at home from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome aged 67 in March 2023, also donated £500,000 to the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, which was featured on his popular ITV show ‘For the Love of Dogs’.

His will – the details of which emerged on Tuesday (12.03.24) – also showed he left £775,000 to be distributed to causes and charities close to his heart, including gifts of £50,000 each to elephant and orangutan charities.

A friend close to Paul told The Sun: “This is typical of Paul as he put his money where his mouth was by leaving cash to charities that had special meaning to him.

“And though £125,000 seems like a lot of money to spend on his dogs, they also meant the world to him and he wanted to ensure they always receive the best love and care.”

The newspaper reported the majority of Paul’s estate is expected to go to his widower, Andre Portasio, while his daughter Sharon Mousley and his sister Sheila Rudd are set to get a huge chunk of his money.

Other beneficiaries of the will, which Paul drew up in 2017, include his agent Joan Marshrons and nine other people, including his godchildren Milo and Otis Sainsbury.

The comic-turned presenter also gifted £50,000 to the Salvation Army – a good cause he admired for its work helping the needy in his home city of Liverpool.

Paul’s agent Joan is going to take care of Paul’s dogs –Nancy, Arfur, Conchita, Eddie and Sausage.

The Lily Savage creator said in his will: “The legacy shall mean £25,000 in respect of each animal.

“I direct that Joan shall take over the responsibility of each animal... to use each legacy for the upkeep and maintenance of each Animal until its death.”

Paul was laid to rest alongside his former partner Brendan Murphy in April.

He found new love with Brazilian ballet dancer Andre after they met at a gay club in London, with the pair marrying at the Goring Hotel, London, in 2017.