Paul Hourican Ireland To Grow With New Music Collective "Blackbird Sounds"

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Dublin, Ireland, July 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paul Hourican Ireland is known for creating music that is inspired by many different genres. Paul has always been passionate about the creation of great music, but even more than that, he is a gifted songwriter. When he puts these two passions together, there's a lot that he will be able to do for the industry.

When it comes to his music, Paul always writes his own songs. Paul has written many songs that he will release under the music collective Blackbird Sounds with the help of his label Hurricane Records.

Paul Hourican Ireland; His New Music Collective

Blackbird Sounds has always been a dream of Paul Hourican Ireland. He came to the conclusion that he would prefer to release his own music and showcase himself as a songwriter.

Since Paul has his mind tuned to be creating new song lyrics to life wherever he goes, this new music collective gives him the chance to bring all of those ideas to life.

Since Paul Hourican Ireland has always been a private person, he has struggled with putting himself out there for the public. Blackbird Sounds has given him the opportunity to continue making music while still staying behind the scenes. He has always been driven by creating words out of melodies, and this has inspired him never to stop writing.

The Influences Behind Blackbird Sounds

Blackbird Sounds isn't the first time Paul Hourican Ireland has had experience working with a label. In the early 2000s, he had the opportunity to work with Warner Music Ireland to distribute for his label Hurricane Records. This job gave him the opportunity to learn from CEO Pat Creed, who Paul credits for teaching him a lot about how a label runs for his own label.

Now Paul has taken his experience from one of the top labels in Ireland and put them to use in his own business. This songwriter and musician has always been motivated to learn more about the business. He has never stopped learning and hopes that he can build Blackbird Sounds into a successful music collective with Hurricane Records.

His songwriting has influences from all over the globe, just like his music tastes. One look through Paul's playlist, and people will find a variety of music ranging from The Beatles to Bruno Mars to Ella Fitzgerald. It's his love for all things music that has kept Paul going in this industry.


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