Paul Hollywood 'Can't Take the Portion Sizes' of American Desserts vs. British Ones

SMA POLL; Sexiest Reality Show Judge
SMA POLL; Sexiest Reality Show Judge


The U.S. might be a little too sweet for Paul Hollywood's blood.

In an interview with Eater, the Great British Bake Off judge, 56, revealed his "only gripe" with America's culinary scene as he and costar Prue Leith discussed how it differs from the U.K., particularly when it comes to tickling their sweet tooth.

"It's a little bit sweeter than British baking," Hollywood said. "However sweet they are, I do enjoy them. I just can't take the portion sizes that get offered. That's all."

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He did note that he loves America's tendency to "celebrate their local food," noting the Mississippi mud pie as a prime example.

"But essentially, the two are very, very similar. The history of American baking has its original roots somewhere in Europe, and it's changed over the years as it's been passed down through the generations and been tweaked. It's become a specifically American thing," Hollywood explained.

The Great British Bake Off S5
The Great British Bake Off S5

Mark Bourdillon/Netflix

Hollywood also expressed his distaste for the beverage offerings. "My only gripe is that you just can't make tea in America," he said. Added Leith, 82: "I find it really distressing that it's almost impossible to get milk for tea."

"You might get half-and-half, but you're mostly offered creamer. When I was young, Americans drank milk in a glass," she said. "It was an option like coffee or tea, and we always laughed that the Americans drank so much milk.

"Now if you ask for a latte, they assume it's going to be oat milk or something else. And when you say no, I'd like regular milk, they look astonished. Milk out of a cow is what I want!" Leith added.

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The Great British Bake Off finished airing its 13th season (10th in the U.S.) last month, when Syabira Yusoff was named the winner. Hollywood has served as a judge on the competition series since it premiered in 2010, and he was joined by Leith during season 8 in 2017.

For The Great American Baking Show, the U.S. adaptation airing on the Roku Channel, Hollywood and Leith are joined by hosts Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry