Paul Giamatti couldn't watch “Twin Peaks ”revival after missing out on role: 'I was so disappointed'

Paul Giamatti couldn't watch “Twin Peaks ”revival after missing out on role: 'I was so disappointed'

The Oscar-nominated actor was nearly one of the Mitchum brothers, ultimately played by Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper.

Diane, 11:30 a.m.: Paul Giamatti almost starred in David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival series but had to pass due to scheduling conflicts — and he's still broken up about it.

In a new interview with the Wrap, the Oscar-nominated actor revealed, "The person that I've always wanted to work with and had an opportunity to and it didn't happen was David Lynch." He added, "It just logistically couldn't work out, which was heartbreaking to me. We just couldn't fit it, schedule-wise. So that was a bummer."

Giamatti nearly played one of the Mitchum brothers, who were ultimately portrayed by Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper in the 2017 Showtime series. Not that Giamatti would know who replaced him, since he couldn't bear to watch the show that got away.

"I don't know who did it because I couldn't watch it because I was so disappointed I couldn't be in it," Giamatti said, "but there were two sort of mobster characters in it who befriended the Kyle MacLachlan character. These brothers, they were friendly mobsters. It was one of those guys."

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Paul Giamatti

In the revival, the playful mobsters are tasked with killing MacLachlan's Dougie Jones, a doppelgänger of Agent Dale Cooper, the latter of whom's spirit is stuck in the Black Lodge.

Of Lynch, Giamatti said, "I've met him and he's a lovely guy. His movies really, I love his stuff. So maybe someday — and if not, whatever."

Twin Peaks: The Return saw the return of most of the original cast and included some notable new additions, including Amanda Seyfried, Matthew Lillard, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Laura Dern. It goes back to the beginning, following Dale Cooper — who has been trapped in the Black Lodge for the past 25 years — and his journey back to the town of Twin Peaks to prevent the death of Laura Palmer.

<p>showtime</p> Kyle MacLachlan on 'Twin Peaks: The Return'


Kyle MacLachlan on 'Twin Peaks: The Return'

As for Giamatti, he's been generating Oscar buzz for his performance in Alexander Payne's dramedy The Holdovers, in theaters now. He plays a grouchy New England prep school educator who's forced to babysit a group of students with nowhere to go during the two-week Christmas break, and forms an unlikely bond with one of the troubled kids.

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