Patreon and Grammarly are already experimenting with Gemini Nano, says Google

Mobile app developers, including Patreon and Grammarly, are already integrating with Gemini Nano, its smallest AI model, the company announced during the Google I/O 2024 developer keynote on Tuesday. The companies, along with other select developers, were invited to work with Gemini Nano through an early access program announced last year, the company said. In the coming months, Google says it will open up the Gemini Nano model to more developers.

In an example of how apps are working with Gemini, Google noted that crowdfunding site Patreon is building a feature that will allow creators to "rapidly catch up" on unread messages — a feature that resembles how Google is integrating Gemini into Gmail to summarize your emails.

Another early adopter is the writing helper, Grammarly, which has been experimenting with Gemini Nano while building out its smart suggestions technology that helps users better refine their writing.

Google didn't offer more detail on the integrations themselves, it only pointed to them as examples of how developers could take advantage of Gemini Nano in their own apps and services.

At the event, Google announced a number of updates for Gemini, including integrations in Google's own apps, like Messages, YouTube and Gmail, both online and on mobile, as well as other ways it can make using your Android smartphone easier — like warning you about scam calls, for example — and much more.

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