'We are on a path to re-establish Forest as a dominant force in English football'

Evangelos Marinakis smiles
Evangelos Marinakis smiles

Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis has written an open letter to supporters, addressing several subjects from the past few months at The City Ground:

On the club's future: "Our vision for the club is clear and unwavering: we are on a path to re-establish Nottingham Forest as a dominant force in English football. This journey is not just about the short term, it's about building a sustainable future."

On the club's recent transfer business: "The plan was very clear and well calculated. It was the culmination of months of analysis and research, collaborative meetings with our staff, and the relentless pursuit of some of the best talent in world football.

"The players we have brought in are fighters and winners who understand and believe in our vision for the future of this great club.

"When players of the talents of those we have brought in this summer choose Nottingham Forest over the other dominant European clubs chasing their signatures, you should know that they choose us because we have shared with them our vision and they have fully invested in what it is we want to achieve."

On the deadline-day exit of Brennan Johnson to Tottenham: "Brennan epitomises all that is great about football. A young boy playing for his local team, fulfilling his dreams and growing not just as a footballer, but as a human being. He is the ultimate young professional and his contributions to the club he loves have been enormous.

"In moving to Tottenham, he has also provided his boyhood club with the financial means to reinvest and continue to grow. We thank him for being part of our family and giving so much of himself to us. Go well, Brennan, be strong and healthy and we wish you every success."