'Pata Karo Abhijeet' to 'Daya, Darwaza Todd Do': ACP Pradyuman's Iconic Lines from CID

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Popularly known as ACP Pradyuman in the hit serial CID, Shivaji Satam celebrates his 71st birthday on April 21, 2021. Satam has worked in several Hindi and Marathi movies and TV shows as well. Satam worked as a cashier in the Central Bank Of India before moving to showbiz and made his debut as an actor with Marathi musical drama, Sangeet Varad. His TVdebut was marked in 1980 with Rishte-Naate. In 1988, he appeared in another popular series, Famous Trials of India.

Over the years, ACP Pradyuman has evolved from being an iconic criminal investigation officer to a subject of memes for netizens. Some of his dialogues Kuch To Gadbad Hai (Something is fishy) and Daya, Darwaza Tod Do (Daya, break the door) have become identical to the character. On his birthday, let’s have a look at some of his dialogues from CID:

Remember when ACP Pradyuman asked Dr Salunke to make the antidote?

When the investigation team of CID was faced with a deadly poison, ACP Pradyuman asked Dr Salunke (the forensic expert)to devise the antidote. “Salunke ab tu he kar sakta hai kuch, Zeher ka antidote bana de. (Salunke only you can do something now, make the antidote for this poison)”

When ACP Pradyuman became the suspect

“Dekhiye main yaha pe gulcharre udane nahi aya tha sir! (I have not come here for fun!)” screams ACP Pradyuman when he was found at a party where a man known for his promiscuity was murdered. The DCP levelled announced that ACP Pradyuman was a suspect and this is how he justified himself.

When ACP Pradyuman stopped Dr Salunke from leaving:

Solving the case of a murder from bee stings, ACP Pradyuman and Dr Salunke explain,“Pata to chale ye pheromone aya kaha se aur kisne istemaal kiya ye pheromone Raj par. (Let us find out from where this pheromone came and who used this pheromone on Raj)”

How ACP Pradyuman reacted when DCP Chitrole sent out his wedding card invitation.“Nahi Nahi ladoo baatane chahiye yaha par aisa invitation card bhejne ke baad yahi hoga haina! (No no, we should be distributing sweets here after receiving this kind of invitation)”

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