'Passive-aggressive' boss calls out woman's 'mistake' in company-wide email: 'Why do bosses do this?'

Ever felt publicly humiliated by a work email that doesn’t even specifically call you out by name? Welcome to the club.

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A classic example of a passive-aggressive boss’ tactic to ensure an employee doesn’t repeat the same mistake is stirring conversation on TikTok.

Corporate TikTok is discussing the bane of many workers’ existence: the “friendly reminder” email sent to the company (or just your department) after a minor mistake.

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While you may not have been named in the email (although you may have) or confronted directly by your manager, the tactic can feel like it’s intended to put the fear of unemployment in you. The “friendly reminder” is such a widespread tool that when TikToker @kristawilson26 posted a short video about it, people had some thoughts…

“Making a mistake at work and now there’s a ‘little reminder’ email being sent,” the video text read.

She added in the caption: “Just a nice little public call out to make you never want to make a mistake again.”

It’s likely not a shocker that most workers in the comment section are not fans of the corporate tactic.

“And that’s on having a passive-aggressive boss,” a user wrote.

“Mistakes are always noticed. The great jobs we do on the daily are not,” someone added.

“Why do bosses do this?!! Just address it with the employee one-on-one. This has always rubbed me the wrong way,” a person commented.

“For every passive-aggressive email I get like that I send in one job application to another place,” a TikToker replied.

“The reverse should happen. Recognize good performance in public like email and discuss mistakes in private if needed,” another suggested.

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