Pass or Fail: Buffalo's Triple-A team introduces 'Buffalo Wings' uniforms

As you know, Minor League Baseball has no shortage of zany ideas for team names, logos and uniforms. Some teams even adopt temporary aliases to liven things up — it started with the Fresno Tacos and today includes teams like the Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks, Brooklyn Slices, Trenton Pork Roll and others.

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On Thursday, the Buffalo Bisons, the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, announced they are joining these ranks with an idea so delicious it makes you wonder why it hadn’t happened before. For four games next month, the Bisons will take on the identity of the Buffalo Wings and wear these uniforms:

The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays, announced their Buffalo Wings alter-ego on Thursday. (Buffalo Bisons)
(Buffalo Bisons)

As we do around here sometimes, we wondered where the Buffalo Wings identity was a Pass or a Fail. And we opened that up to a number of folks from the Yahoo Sports staff:

Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports MLB columnist: It uses the drumette, by far the superior piece of the wing, and does not look slathered — and thus ruined — in a cumbersome or cloying sauce. Ergo, mediocre artistry notwithstanding, it earns a pass from me.

Jay Busbee, Yahoo Sports senior writer: Pass, because those wings look delicious, and because they’re drums, not flats. Flats are the devil’s doormat.

Liz Roscher, Yahoo Sports blogger: Based on the hat alone, I have to give it a pass. A drumette as the bat and a hunk of blue cheese as the ball? It’s genius. Bonus points for the green socks, which represent celery, an underrated but necessary part of the traditional buffalo wings spread.

Kevin Kaduk, Yahoo Sports blogs editor: Including the blue cheese and celery into the logo puts this one over the top for me. I’d write more, but my mouth is watering and I need to go get a plate of wings of my own.

Blake Schuster, Yahoo Sports blogger: Fail — the lettering looks more like something that’d be found in Charlotte’s Web than ranch or bleu cheese or whatever it’s supposed to be. Even worse, after a quick check, the Buffalo stadium doesn’t even serve wings! This whole thing is a giant tease and I won’t stand for it.

Mike Oz, Yahoo Sports MLB writer: I dig the logo with the laying-down wing, but I quibble with the cap a little bit. I know what they’re trying to do, but it just looks to me like a big weird arm. It looks like the arm of a dude who skips leg day. Plus, when do buffalo wings stand up. I’m going fail because of that and the fact that they should have done this two years ago before this trend was close to jumping the shark.

Nick Bromberg, Yahoo Sports NASCAR/college football writer: Pass, but if you look long enough at the logo on the hat you’ll start to see a brown frog with eyes. Don’t do that.

Anthony Sulla-Heffinger, Yahoo front-page editor: I’ll never fail anything that’s related to chicken wings (any food, really), but this passes specifically because they chose the superior cut — the drummette — over the flat.

Tim Brown, Yahoo Sports MLB columnist: Fail. If you’re going to have food on your uniform, it should be your last-meal food.

It looks like the Buffalo Wings earn a “Pass” from the Yahoo Sports crew. Well done, Buffalo.

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