Party season calls for a fresh approach

Never mind the clichés of the festive season, your face doesn’t have to be adorned with glitter and glossy red lips. I mean if that’s your thing, great. But, equally, there is nothing wrong with going down the “elevated version of my daily self” route. A good skincare routine is imperative, but there are makeup cheats. Add a drop of highlighter to foundation and the top of your cheekbones, brush up brows, apply mascara and finish with a pink lip. Party season or not, this look never goes out of style.

1. Blink Brow Boost £49,
2. Chantecaille Lotus Radiance Highlighter £70,
3. Chanel Noir Allure Mascara £37,
4. Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm £18,
5. Fenty Eaze Drop’Lit All-Over Glow Enhancer £27,

I can’t do without… A beautifully light mask for a pillow-friendly overnight boost

Masks have changed. Back in the day they were the stuff that hardened on your skin as it drew out all the gunk from your pores. The problem with most of those old timers is that it left your skin decongested, but also left you looking like a dried-out prune. These days there are great options that are not only kinder to the skin but are also developed to deal with a myriad of skin concerns. If you need hydrating, brightening, blemish busting, plumping and more, seek and ye shall find. Yet I still don’t think most people understand their worth, saving them for special occasions. But really, a mask is a very good element to incorporate into your skincare routine as it can make a difference overnight. Which is where a night mask comes into play. Yes I have talked about night creams, but they are not the same thing. Think of your night cream as you would a hair conditioner and your night mask an intensive hair treatment – an excellent way to up the ante. I’m currently loving this night mask from Farmacy. If your skin texture is uneven, your pores need refining and you really need to see a visible difference in the morning, this is your answer. But if you worry about the state of your pillowcase, don’t. The texture is water-light and disappears beautifully into the skin. Because no one has time for extra laundry. Farmacy 10% Niacinamide Night Mask, £32,

On my radar… Three skin savers that go to work while you sleep

Spot check If you have dark spots (as a result of environmental aggressors or acne leaving its mark) this will treat them while you sleep. Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream, £28,

Firm favourite Fresh, citrussy and whipped to perfection, this creme is full of exfoliating acids and shea butter to give you 30% more firmer skin in a week. Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Firming Acid Night Crème, £51,

Light fantastic Repeated exposure to digital light affects skin’s natural ability to repair itself as you sleep. This night creme helps counteract it. Sarah Chapman Digital Rest Night Cream, £57,

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