The Part of Alicia Keys's Super Bowl Look You Didn't See: Her Decadent Manicure

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For the first time in months, Taylor Swift wasn't the most talked-about musician at a Kansas City Chiefs game. At halftime, the Super Bowl transformed into an epic 13-minute Usher concert where he wowed viewers with a medley of hits, incredible choreography, the temporary lack of a shirt, and fabulous cameos by musicians he's collaborated with, like Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Alicia Keys. And while Keys's sparkle was impossible to ignore, you might have missed out on one of the most glamorous parts of her look: her nails.

Keys was absolutely glowing as the cameras rolled on her at the most stunningly sculpted red piano. True to her usual aesthetic, Keys's makeup was fresh and light — she's the founder of Keys Soulcare, after all — and she wore her hair in long, thick twists. Her corsetted Dolce & Gabbana catsuit matched the piano and was covered in crystals and sequins. But even if you were paying rapt attention to the performance, there's a decent chance you didn't notice that Keys's manicure was just as glamorous as her ensemble.

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Alicia Keys Usher

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Manicurist Dawn Sterling shared a video closeup of the masterpiece she crafted for Keys. “Ruby red crystals for THE BIGGEST,” she wrote on the clip. The short, squared-off nails started with a sheer, pink base, on which she added oval, ruby-like gems completed surrounded by crystals. Sterling also framed the baubles with a red French tip.

<h1 class="title">alicia keys manicure</h1><cite class="credit">Dawn Sterling</cite>

alicia keys manicure

Dawn Sterling

We love that even though Keys's nails are short (she needs to be able to play the piano comfortably, of course), Sterling didn't hold back on the decadence. It's proof your nails don't need to be long to host luxurious art.

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