Parking could be limited on Grey 109 in Holstein

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The township will be enlisting Grey County to try to solve sight-line issues for vehicles leaving Holstein Park.

Southgate will be asking for signage to restrict parking for 50 metres on the east side of Grey Road 109 south from the bridge and Holstein Park entrance. The restriction then would be enforced by municipal bylaw or by the OPP.

Since it’s a Grey County road, the decision is considered by the county transportation department and a recommendation is made to county council.

Residents have been complaining to the township about the danger, said Public Works Manager Jim Ellis.

Coun. Jason Rice commented that 50 metres seemed a long way, and suggested keeping a few parking spots.

Mr. Ellis said that it was also done to open up a view of the cenotaph, but agreed that the restricted area could be smaller than 50 metres.

Mr. Ellis said that as people travel through Holstein, with the parking there, the cenotaph doesn’t serve as a focal point. That area is owned by the township.

Coun. Frew said that during the week no one is parking on the road allowance which belongs to the county: cars are on the boulevard. The Deputy-Mayor said he thinks that the county also has jurisdiction of the road allowance.

The county will do its due diligence and resolve that question, both agreed.

It was suggested that staff could contact the church and that an exception could be posted for Sundays during certain hours.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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