What the papers say – January 28

The papers lead on Brexit regrets and a pastor’s Rihanna-inflected trip to hell.

HM Revenue and Customs has come under scrutiny after admitting errors in its handling of Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs, according to FT Weekend.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has vowed to prioritise tax cuts for businesses over workers before the next general election, reports The Times.

The Daily Express says Mr Hunt will announce a package of incentives to get pensioners and the long-term sick back into work.

The Guardian has found BBC chairman Richard Sharp and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton are among those who have declared they own UK property through off-shore jurisdictions.

A poll conducted for i weekend has found there is growing public regret over Brexit but most voters do not yet want to rejoin the EU.

The Daily Mirror says oil giants are about to announce profits of £160 billion, “as families struggle to pay bills”.

Whistleblowers have told The Independent that children came to “significant” harm due to chronically low staffing levels at scandal-hit mental health hospitals.

The Daily Telegraph has a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell’s defenders attempting to show the Duke of York could not have assaulted a girl due to the bath-location being too small.

And the Daily Star carries the tale of a US pastor who died, apparently went to hell where demons were singing Rihanna songs and then came back to life.