Panthers’ Bradley Bozeman chats about Bryce Young, biscuits and Cam Erving’s return

Panthers center Bradley Bozeman is known for “pancaking” defenders on the football field. But on Thursday, at the Midtown Bojangles in Charlotte, the veteran lineman traded his helmet and cleats for a drive-thru headset and some stuffed biscuits.

Bozeman took drive-thru orders while handing out his very own “Bozeberry Biscuits” at the restaurant. The Bojangles app-exclusive biscuits were taste-tested by the Panthers offensive line on Wednesday.

“All the guys got to try them, so we had a great time,” Bozeman said. “We’ve got to make the guys download the app now to be able to order them for the future. Just so appreciative of Bojangles doing this. This has been just such an amazing collaboration — just being around the draft and everything — it’s been amazing.”

Bozeman’s biscuit duty coincidentally fell on the same day as the NFL’s schedule release announcement. While Bozeman said he hadn’t seen the schedule before his work at the drive-thru, he did say which matchup he was most looking forward to.

“I always loved playing the Seahawks,” Bozeman said. “I think it’s a great environment, atmosphere — there’s always a little bit of rain, little bit of different stuff going on. So, love playing the Seahawks.”

No matter the matchup, Bozeman’s main responsibility this season will be blocking for the Panthers’ top quarterback on Sundays. While it may take some time for him to get under center, quarterback Bryce Young, the first overall pick in April, is earmarked to be the future face of the franchise.

Bozeman — who signed a three-year, $18 million deal to return to Carolina in free agency — is looking forward to blocking for a fellow former Alabama standout.

“I was pumped,” Bozeman said about the Young pick. “I thought (or) knew it was down basically between those two guys (Young and No. 2 overall pick, C.J. Stroud), and for them to pick Bryce is awesome. To have that (Alabama) connection there — but also his ability to make plays down the field, his scrambling ability, just anything all over — I think it’s a great pick.”

Along with the Young pick, Bozeman was also excited to hear that swing tackle Cam Erving agreed to terms on a contract to return the Panthers this week.

“It’s awesome,” Bozeman said. “Whenever we signed Cam, I texted him right away. ... Cam is such a leader, he’s a selfless guy. He takes every day with a grain of salt, and he just goes for it and works his butt off every single day. Guy’s been around for a long time and there’s a reason he’s been around for a long time. So, just so happy to have Cam back, just such an awesome presence for that offensive line room.”