Pan-Fry Cinnamon Toast For A Crispy, Caramelized Bite

Sliced cinnamon toast on white plate
Sliced cinnamon toast on white plate - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Cinnamon toast is an iconic part of American childhood that plenty of adults also clamor at indulging in from time to time. From the bread toasted to golden perfection to the luscious creamy butter, and the crunchy granules of sugar coated in cinnamon, there's just something so satisfying about the combination. While it's not a particularly filling dish, it still ranks high on nostalgia. And it's an easy go-to when you don't have time for -- or perhaps don't want -- a big balanced breakfast.

But that doesn't mean it can't still be elevated. On the contrary, by changing how you prepare it cinnamon toast can go from a simple indulgence to something truly phenomenal. The key is to skip the traditional toaster method and pan-fry each piece instead. Doing so will transform the butter, giving it extra depth, while caramelizing the sugar. The bread also has a lot to gain from being pan-fried since it will absorb the butter as it toasts, instead of being slathered in it after the fact. Overall, you'll get a decadent, buttery toast with an unexpected layer of crispy caramelized sugar.

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Pan-Frying Cinnamon Toast Is Totally Worth The Extra Work

bread being pan fried
bread being pan fried - Esteban chamorro/Shutterstock

Okay, yes, it must be admitted that making your cinnamon toast in a pan does take longer and requires more work than simply popping some bread in a toaster then slathering it with butter and dusting it with cinnamon sugar. There will also be more cleanup. But it's 100 percent worth the effort -- promise!

The first thing you're going to want to do is to melt a bit of butter in a skillet. Next, add the bread. Let it toast on one side, making sure that your cinnamon sugar mixture is ready to go. Once the first side is nice and toasty, flip it over then add the cinnamon sugar while the opposite side toasts. Give the bread another flip after the second side has toasted and let the sugar caramelize. This should take no more than a minute. Be sure to monitor it closely so that it doesn't burn. You'll also want to keep an eye on the butter and add more throughout the frying process. Plate the toast and add an extra dusting of cinnamon sugar if you like.

Another option is to make cinnamon sugar butter, spread it directly on the bread, and then pan-fry it. The bread doesn't necessarily get as toasty this way, but it's still plenty flavorful. And there's no judgment if you want to butter both sides of the bread for extra caramelization.

Variations On Caramelized Cinnamon Toast

cinnamon toast with berries and cream
cinnamon toast with berries and cream - RomanaMart/Shutterstock

There are plenty of ways to amp up that pan-fried cinnamon toast even more -- but only if you're up for a serious burst of flavor. Consider using flavored sugar instead of just the plain white stuff -- swapping it out for vanilla sugar or (even better!) orange vanilla sugar. Make caramelized cinnamon chocolate toast by adding cocoa powder to the cinnamon sugar blend. Or make it mocha by tossing in a little bit of instant coffee powder. And of course, you can always use brown sugar instead of white as well.

Pan-fried cinnamon toast can also be treated like French toast. Drizzle it with syrup or top it with whipped cream for a truly sweet breakfast that will satisfy all of your sugar cravings. A dollop of jam is another excellent way to top off this elevated version of cinnamon toast, as are some fresh berries. Of course, if you go either of these routes, you'll definitely be eating it with a fork and a knife -- but it will be worth it for sure.

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