The ‘couples paint each other’ TikTok trend is comedy GOLD

Couples paint each other

Couples looking for a fun, easy, and affordable date night (that doesn’t even require putting on hard pants or leaving the house) need look no further than the latest TikTok trend. The “paint each other” trend has couples planning sweet date nights where they gather canvases and paints and do literally that — they sit across from their significant other and paint each other. The results allow them to see each other through their loved one’s eyes (and potentially terrible art skills), and they’re usually pretty hilarious.

The videos often show the couples doing their reveal, where they show their paintings to each other. Listen, none of us are professional artists (and none of these lovely folks are either). But bless their hearts for trying. Their art is still very cute, and through their giggles, you can tell that they love the chance to see how their partner sees them. Even if that’s without eyes, like the man in the video above. Hey, he tried.

In another video, one half of the couple bursts into laughter at seeing his portrait before regaining his composure and proclaiming, “That’s awesome! I mean… I’m a little… elfish.”

We’re not sure what he means by “elfish,” and it’s bold of him to critique that nice, correctly proportioned portrait before showing his, which is, how do we put this nicely? About 40% lips.

The caption on the video reads, “Wife wheezing because I took her breath away,” and we’re sure that’s it.

There are tons of these videos all over TikTok, and each one is just as wholesome and hilarious as the last.

What will we be doing this weekend? Definitely raiding the kids’ art cabinet for some canvases and paint, ordering some DoorDash and a bottle of wine, and trying out this trend for ourselves.