Ozzy Osbourne: 'Antidepressants killed my sex drive!'

Ozzy Osbourne's libido was "killed" by taking anti-depressants.

The 74-year-old rock star - who has been married to Sharon Osbourne, 71, since 1982 and has Aimee, 40, Kelly, 39, and 38-year-old Jack with her - was prescribed antidepressants following his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease but has now admitted that the pills "instantly" left him without any desire for physical intimacy.

Speaking on 'The Osbournes Podcast', he said: "The one thing about antidepressants is it kills your sex drive instantly. If you go on an antidepressant, with most of them your sex drive goes."

The Black Sabbath star was then asked by Kelly if the same effect applies to both men and women and Jack claimed that while the side effect is not "guaranteed", it can apply to either sex.

He said: "I think it’s for both men and women. But it’s not guaranteed, it’s just a possible side effect."

Kelly said: "Dad’s basically saying, ‘I took antidepressants and it took my sex drive away."

The 'Paranoid' hitmaker then reiterated that every version of antidepressant he has ever taken has "just killed" his sex drive completely.

He said: "Everyone that I’ve ever taken has just killed it!"

Earlier this year, Ozzy - who was diagnosed with a brain disorder that affects the nervous system and the parts of the body controlled by the nerves in 2003 - admitted that walking had become increasingly difficult for him.

He told The Observer: "You think you're lifting your feet, but your foot doesn't move. I feel like I'm walking around in lead boots. I reached a plateau that was lower than I wanted it to be. Nothing really felt great. Nothing. So I went on these antidepressants, and they work OK."