Oxygen Expresses deliver over 32,000 MT of LMO across India

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Train carrying liquid Medical oxygen (Photo/Twitter)
Train carrying liquid Medical oxygen (Photo/Twitter)

New Delhi [India], June 18 (ANI): The Oxygen Express trains delivered more than 32,000 metric tonnes (MT) of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) across states and union territory of the country, informed the Ministry of Railways on Friday.

As many as 444 Oxygen Express have completed their journey that brings relief to 15 states. More than 17,700 MT of liquid oxygen has been delivered across the southern states of the country.

Railways has delivered 32,095 MT of LMO in 1,834 tankers across the country, the ministry said.

Oxygen Expresses have delivered more than 3200, 4000, 4200 and 5600 MT of LMO in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Meanwhile, three loaded Oxygen Expresses were on run with more than 258 MT of LMO in 14 tankers.

It is to mention that Oxygen Expresses started their deliveries 55 days back on April 24 in Maharashtra with a load of 126 MT.

Oxygen relief by Oxygen Expresses reached 15 states namely Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Telangana, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Assam.

As per the data issued on Friday, 614 MT of Oxygen has been offloaded in Maharashtra, nearly 3,797 MT in Uttar Pradesh, 656 MT in Madhya Pradesh, 5,722 MT in Delhi, 2,354 MT in Haryana, 98 MT in Rajasthan, 4,227 MT in Karnataka, 320 MT in Uttarakhand, 5,674 MT in Tamil Nadu, 4,037 MT in Andhra Pradesh, 225 MT in Punjab, 513 MT in Kerala, 3,255 MT in Telangana, 38 MT in Jharkhand and 560 MT in Assam.

Till now Oxygen Expresses offloaded LMO in around 39 cities/towns in 15 states across the country, said the Ministry.Railways is picking up oxygen from places like Hapa, Baroda, Mundra in the West and Rourkela, Durgapur, Tatanagar, Angul in the East. (ANI)