Overtime losses could come back to bite Maple Leafs

While there is no 3-on-3 overtime in the NHL playoffs, Maple Leafs fans are not underestimating their team's struggles in extras this season.

Video Transcript

OMAR: So the Leafs suck at overtime, keep losing. They can't win. And actually it happens pretty quickly. Literally one turnover, one bad pass, and within the first minute, the Leafs lose.

Now, I've been going back and forth on it on whether it's a big deal or not because, on one hand, we're losing out on points. But on the other hand, three-on-three overtime isn't a thing in the playoffs. Last year, the Florida Panthers won a lot of games in overtime, and it didn't help them too well in the playoffs. Granted, at least they won a round, unlike we did.

I don't think it's a big deal that the Leafs continue to lose in overtime. I do think at some point they'll figure it out and everything will balance out. The points thing is an issue though. By continuously losing that extra point, you're losing up on an opportunity to kind of get more space and potentially challenge for the first spot in the Atlantic division.

And those points and where you're set up obviously matter. I mean, for the last couple of years now, we've been focusing on, who are we going to get in the first round. And even dating back to the first collapse in 2013 when we faced Boston, it came down to those final games where it was determined that we're going to face Boston. I want to say we could have faced Ottawa if things went differently.

Even that-- even in the 2016-'17 season where we ended up facing Washington, it could have been a different team. But it came down to that final game of the season. So it's not a huge deal, I think, right now. Again, I think the way that the team is pulling on five on five should be the main focus. But missing out on all these points could be something that the Leafs kind of regret down the line.