Who Should Take Over ‘SNL’ After Lorne Michaels? Don’t Ask Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph (Video)

Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph artfully dodged the question of who should succeed Lorne Michaels on “Saturday Night Live” during a Tuesday guest spot on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

Appearing via Zoom, the comedians and “Baking It” co-hosts asked their fellow “SNL” alum to hit them with a “Jake Tapper tough one.”

“We know you usually do softballs, but I don’t know, try a tough question for once,” Poehler joked.

When they got what they asked for, the duo pretended that their Zoom screen had frozen, cutting off their microphone so that their answers were unintelligible. While dropping in random words here and there, they pantomimed various gestures, including a rocking-baby-to sleep motion, getting a laugh out of their host.

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“Was that a baby, Amy?” Meyers asked.

“A baby’s going to take over after Lorne,” Rudolph replied. “You got that, right?”

Afterwards, the three of them sparred about whether they were setting a bad precedent by Zooming in, rather than appearing in person.

“I love to see you guys again, I’m just worried that if I say it’s OK to have one guest on Zoom, then everybody’s gonna want to be on Zoom,” Meyers said.

“Okay, would you have Clooney and Roberts via Zoom?” Poehler asked.

When he admitted he would, she replied, “Yeah well good news dude, ’cause we’re the new Clooney and Roberts.”

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“‘Pretty Woman,’ right here,” Rudolph added while the audience cheered.

When asked why she had assigned herself to be “Danny Ocean,” (Clooney’s con man character in the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, in which he starred with Roberts), Poehler revealed that she’d stolen Meyers’ wallet.

Fred Armisen, another alum from their “SNL” generation, agreed with Meyers’ no-Zoom policy at the beginning of the segment. After Poehler and Rudolph joined and confronted him about it, he appeared in his own Zoom window and copied their fake screen glitch method.

Check out the full clip above.

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