Over 100 recruits received 'offers' to play football at FGCU, which doesn't have an NCAA team

Torrey Hart
Yahoo Sports Contributor
FGCU's club football team sent offers to over 100 players, without the school's knowlegde. (Getty Images)

Someone associated with Florida Gulf Coast University’s club football team sent “offers” to over 100 players nationwide to come play football for the school, without the school’s knowledge.

FGCU, which hosts 15 Division I sports, does not have an NCAA football team. But recruits may have thought they were receiving official offers from a varsity squad. In reality, they were receiving letters from a student-run club.

The school released a statement to clear things up.

“Unfortunately, we have been notified that a non-employee, volunteer with the football sport club has extended ‘offers’ to come to FGCU and play football to more than 100 individuals across the country,” the statement said. “This has been done without FGCU’s knowledge or sanction, and has caused a great deal of confusion to not only the individuals receiving the ‘offers,’ but to others reading accounts on social media.”

A number of young football players tweeted to announce they had received offers, many tagging the program’s listed head coach, Kevin Van Duser.

It’s unclear exactly what the players had been told regarding their football prospects at FGCU, but they were definitely not being granted admission.

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