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Our favorite instant-read meat thermometer is on sale for $79

This Engadget-exclusive deal drops the ThermoWorks Thermapen One down to one of its best prices ever.


The Thermapen One instant-read meat thermometer is on sale for $79, which is $30 off the MSRP of $109. This is an Engadget exclusive and the sale runs from February 22 through February 28, or whenever the stock runs dry. In other words, move quickly if you want to snag one of these.

Grab our favorite meat thermometer at a steep discount.

$79 at ThermoWorks

There are plenty of meat thermometers out there, but this is our favorite. The Thermapen One made our list of the best grilling gear for several reasons. It’s incredibly fast, offering precise temperature calculations in under a second. The display is bright and easy to read, with an auto-rotating screen that makes the numbers easy to see no matter how you hold it.

At the end of the day, speed and precision are what you want with a meat thermometer. The Thermapen One kicks it up a notch, however, by including a sleep/auto-wake feature that preserves battery life and an IP67 rating to protect it from accidental spills. Gravy and sauce will always find a way to get on just about everything.

The Thermapen One also made our list of the best small kitchen gadgets, as you can’t get much smaller than a thermometer. We called it “the best your money can buy.” As a matter of fact, the only bad thing you can say about this thing is that it costs more than rival products. This sale helps offset that. Again, the deal disappears into a puff of smoke on February 28 or when supplies run out.

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