Otter-ly adorable trio of pups in NC need to be named. How you can help.

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s three-month-old otter pups cuddle together. (Courtesy of Dey Romo Rossell)

North Carolina’s newest furry, aquatic trio is in need of your help.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher welcomed three female Asian small-clawed river otter pups to the world on May 21. Now, after three months, these pups are ready to be named.

Even in their few months of life, caretakers have already begun to see their distinct personalities emerge.

“Pup #1,” as she is currently known, is the biggest grump of the bunch. Caretakers describe her as “sassy” since she tends to snort at her mother and sisters while they are being tended to by staff.

“Pup #2” is the overachiever of the group. She has been the first to hit all her milestones and has the loudest voice thus far. Staff describe her as playful with a sense of adventure, as she’s the first to leave the nest.

“Pup #3” is the quiet one. Caretakers have not seen her embrace life outside the nest in the same manner as her sister, so she’s known as the most reserved of the group.

Paying homage to the Asian river otter’s origins, caretakers have decided to name the trio as a set with all options inspired by Thai and Indonesian words.

Name options for the pups include:

  • Stella, Mae and Selene (meaning: moon, Thailand moon goddess, goddess of the moon)

  • Padma, Bulan and Melat (meaning: Indonesia’s three national flowers)

  • Talia, Reyna and Ula (Meaning: bright star, queen, small one)

  • Java, Bali and Nusa (Meaning: three Indonesian volcanic islands)

The deadline to submit responses is Aug. 26, at