Oscar Mayer Introduces Its First Plant-Based Hot Dogs And Sausages

Plant-based Oscar Mayer sausages and hot dogs on a yellow background
Plant-based Oscar Mayer sausages and hot dogs on a yellow background - Noah Fecks/Oscar Mayer/Kraft Heinz Not

Oscar Mayer is officially entering the plant-based meat market for the first time. In a press release shared with Tasting Table, the meat and cold cuts company announced that it is embracing the rapidly growing plant-based market with two new options. As a joint venture between Oscar Mayer and The Kraft Heinz Not Company, the release of the bun-length NotHotDogs and Bratwurst and Italian sausage-flavored NotSausages are meant to cater to both meat lovers and non-meat eaters alike. "At The Kraft Heinz Not Company, our goal is to create mouthwatering, plant-based foods that are delicious and accessible for everyone – from the devoted vegan to the plant-based curious," Lucho Lopez-May, the CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, said in the release.

Joining the ranks of other plant-based meat brands, Oscar Mayer and Kraft Heinz aim to give consumers delicious options for plant-based sausages and hot dogs, an area they believe is untapped in the veggie meat department. "We know people are hungry for plant-based meat options from brands they know and trust. In launching the joint venture's first product in the plant-based meat category, we saw an opportunity to satisfy these consumer cravings, leveraging NotCo's revolutionary AI technology and the power, equity, and legacy of the Oscar Mayer brand," said Lopez-May.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On The New Releases?

Top-down view of plant-based Oscar Mayer hot dogs with picnic food
Top-down view of plant-based Oscar Mayer hot dogs with picnic food - Noah Fecks/Oscar Mayer/Kraft Heinz Not

If you're in the Anaheim, California, area, the new Oscar Mayer plant-based hot dogs and sausages will first launch at Expo West from March 12 to 16, 2024. Afterward, the offerings will be available at major retailers later in the year, just in time for grilling season. Created to mirror real meat, the products change color and take on grill marks as they're cooked and are complete with a smoky, juicy flavor and great texture, making them the perfect option for any vegetarian grilling you'll be doing.

The new plant-based meat releases will join the ranks of the company's other vegetarian products. Late last year, Kraft Heinz finally brought its plant-based mac and cheese to the U.S., another joint venture between Kraft Heinz and NotCo. Earlier in 2023, Kraft Heinz also released Kraft NotCheese Slices and NotMayo as dairy-free options for the beloved food and condiment. As The Kraft Heinz Not Company broadens its plant-based options and ventures further internationally, it hopes to enter more categories in the plant-based market.

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