Orphan Wombat Celebrates 1st Birthday at Australian Reptile Park

Staff at the Australian Reptile Park on January 25 celebrated the first birthday of Poppy, a wombat found in September after her mother was struck and killed by a vehicle, and praised her resilience after a “rough start to life.”

In a press release, Australian Reptile Park called Poppy “one of the world’s cutest animals” and, noting that her birthday fell one day before Australia Day, said it “was the perfect timing to celebrate this iconic Aussie.”

For her birthday, the zoo said Poppy had been “given lots of snuggles and kisses” as well as a platter of snacks that included “corn, sweet potato, carrot, and the freshest grass available.”

Poppy was still in her late mother’s pouch when she was found by a passer-by in September, the Australian Reptile Park said. Videos released by the zoo in November and December showed Poppy bonding with her carers.

Since then, Poppy had been “cared for 24/7” and was growing “happy and healthy,” the zoo said.

According to the zoo’s press release, Head Keeper of Mammals Hewin Hochkins said Poppy arrived at the zoo “right when we all needed a little bit of hope during our park closure.” Hochkins also said Poppy was among the “most well behaved and wonderful wombats” she had ever worked with.

“We love having the opportunity to throw a birthday party for our animals, I think they know we’re celebrating them! Poppy was eagerly seeking out snuggles from all the keepers and visitors and loved all her special treats we gave her!” said Hochkins. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

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