Oreo Dropped Their New Limited Edition Flavor & You Probably Only Have Days To Try It

oreo blackout cake
Oreo Just Dropped A Blackout Cake FlavorOreo

If you love cake and chocolate (so just about everyone), then Oreo has a new flavor with your name all over it. The brand teased a new flavor on Instagram earlier in the week. Followers were quick to chime in with guesses that included chocolate brownie, devil's food cake, and well, spring water. Your guess is as good as ours on that last one.

Thankfully, there's no need to speculate any longer because Oreo just announced that Blackout Cake is its new flavor. The newest Oreo is described as having the cookie's classic chocolate base with a layer of chocolate cake creme stacked on top of a layer of dark chocolate cake creme.

"Cake lovers unite for OREO Blackout Cake! Our NEW Limited Edition Flavor hits the shelves April 3rd," read the caption to the reveal on Instagram.

Overall, fans on social media seem moderately pleased with the new addition, although there were a lot of requests to make the flavor gluten-free.

"Isn’t there already chocolate Oreos? Shudda made these Gluten free," wrote one commenter.

There were also those Instagram users who were a bit fed up with Oreo bringing back "old flavors."

"Can you stop remaking old flavors!? This is basically the ultimate chocolate cake one from a few years back," someone else commented.

For those who are excited about the new flavor, the limited-edition Oreo Blackout Cake will be available nationwide in April wherever Oreo is sold (while supplies last).

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