Oppenheimer to receive release in Japan following controversy

cillian murphy in the oppenheimer trailer
Oppenheimer to receive release in JapanUniversal

Oppenheimer will be released in Japan following the controversy regarding its depiction of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Christopher Nolan’s biopic tells the story of the titular physicist (Cillian Murphy), charting his work during the Manhattan Project and subsequent trials, though the action omitted showing the dropping of the atom bomb.

Despite facing some criticism over its depiction, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that the film will be released in Japan, with distributor Bitters End confirming that the film will be screened in the country next year.

cillian murphy, oppenheimer
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The company released a statement to confirm the news, saying the decision had been reached “following months of thoughtful dialogue associated with the subject matter and acknowledging the particular sensitivity for us Japanese.”

Nolan had previously addressed the criticism, revealing that it was an intentional decision to present the drama from the lead character’s perspective.

“The film presents Oppenheimer's experience subjectively. It was always my intention to rigidly stick to that,” said Nolan. “Oppenheimer heard about the bombing at the same time that the rest of the world did.

“I wanted to show somebody who is starting to gain a clearer picture of the unintended consequences of his actions. It was as much about what I don't show as what I show.”

cillian murphy, oppenheimer trailer

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Warner Bros also received some backlash for its marketing of the film during the Barbenheimer craze, with the images including the detonation of the atom bomb.

“Warner Brothers regrets its recent insensitive social media engagement. The studio offers a sincere apology,” said the company in a statement, with the Japan branch also apologising after it engaged in a social media post with fans.

Oppenheimer is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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