‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘The Last of Us’ Lead MPSE Golden Reel Nominations

The Motion Picture Sound Editors learned to stop worrying and love the bomb this year. That’s the takeaway from the organization’s nominees for their 71st annual Golden Reel Awards, which sees Christopher Nolan’s nuclear blockbuster smash “Oppenheimer” decidedly lead the pack.

Held every March, the Golden Reel Awards celebrate sound artists and their achievements in film, television, animation, and video games over the entire calendar year. “Oppenheimer,” which boasted celebrated sound design in its recreation of its titular antihero’s atomic bomb, received the most nominations of any film this year, appearing in all categories it was eligible for: ADR, Foley, and Music Editing.

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“Oppenheimer” was one of the 10 films to make the Oscars shortlist for the Best Sound category, ahead of the nomination announcement on January 23. Of the other nine shortlisted contenders, “Barbie,” “Maestro,” and “Naopleon” received two nominations, while “Ferrari,” “The Killer,” “Killers of the Flower Moon,” and “The Zone of Interest” received one.

On the TV front, HBO apocalyptic drama “The Last of Us” repeated “Oppenheimer’s” hat trick, with three nominations for ADR, Music Editing, and Foley. The popular series recently took home several trophies at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on January 6, including the Sound Editing and Sound Mixing trophies. Other TV shows that received multiple nominations include “The Bear,” “All the Light We Cannot See,” “Ted Lasso,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Loki,” an and “Beef,” all of which nabbed two nominations.

In addition to the competitive awards, MPSE also announced the recepients of their two major honorary awards. Michael Dinner, who most recently developed the FX series “Justified: City Primeval” and directed three episodes, will receive the MPSE Filmmaker Award. The MPSE Career Achievement Award will go to Dane A. Davis, a sound editor with over 150 credits best known for his Oscar-winning work on 1999’s “The Matrix.”

“It’s been a great year for entertainment sound,” MPSE president David Barber said in a statement. “We are so impressed with the creative excellence of sound artists across all media and from around the world. We extend our sincere congratulations to this year’s stellar nominees.”

The 71st Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards will be held on March 3 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. Take a look at the full list of nominees for TV and film below.


Michael Dinner


Dane A. Davis, MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Animation

Rick and Morty: “Unmortricken”

Cartoon Network

Supervising Sound Editor: Hunter Curra MPSE

Sound Editor: James A. Moore

Sound Effects Editor: Corbin Bumeter

Dialogue Editor: Ricardo Watson

Star Trek Lower Decks: “Old Friends, New Planets”


Supervising Sound Editor: James Lucero

Sound Effects Editors: Mak Kellerman, John Wynn

Foley Editor: Michael Britt

Star Wars: The Bad Batch: “Faster”


Supervising Sound Editors: David W. Collins, Matthew Wood

Sound Designer: David W. Collins

Sound Effects Editors: Justin Doyle, Kevin Bolen MPSE, Kimberly Patrick

Supervising Foley Editor: Frank Rinella

Foley Artists: Kimberly Patrick, Margie O’Malley, Andrea Gard

Star Wars: Visions: “The Pit”


Supervising Sound Editor: David W. Collins

Sound Designer: David W. Collins

Sound Effects Editors: Kevin Bolen MPSE, Bill Rudolph

Dialogue Editor: David W. Collins

Supervising Foley Editor: Alex Wilmer

Foley Artists: Shelley Roden MPSE, Xiuzhu (Mimi) Guo

Transformers: Earthspark: “Security Protocols”


Supervising Sound Editor: Brad Meyer MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Natalia Saavedra Brychcy MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Christine Gamache

Foley Editor: Carol Ma MPSE

Young Jedi Adventures: “The Young Jedi/Yoda’s Mission”


Sound Effects Editor: Heather Olsen MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Robbi Smith MPSE

Foley Editor: David Bonilla MPSE

Foley Artist: John “J” Lampinen

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Long Form Dialogue / ADR

All the Light We Cannot See: Episode 4


Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Henighan MPSE, Ryan Cole MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Emma Present, Jill Purdy MPSE

Succession: “Connor’s Wedding”


Supervising Sound Editor: Nicholas Renbeck MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Dan Korintus

Supervising ADR Editor: Angela Organ

Dialogue Editor/ ADR Editor: Andy Kris

Ted Lasso: “So Long, Farewell”


Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Bernard Weiser MPSE, Bruce Hond, Scott Haller MPSE

ADR Editor: Daniel Douglass MPSE

The Crown: “Ritz”


Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Iain Eyre

ADR Supervisor: Steve Little

ADR Editors: Abbie Shaw, Matthew Mewett

The Last of Us: “Long, Long Time”


Supervising Sound Editor: Michael J. Benavente

Dialogue Editor: Joe Schiff

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: “Four Minutes”

Amazon Prime

Supervising Sound Editor: Ron Bochar

Dialogue Editor: Sara Stern

ADR Editor: Ruth Hernandez MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Long Form Effects / Foley

Ahsoka: “Part Four: Fallen Jedi”


Supervising Sound Editors: Bonnie Wild, Matthew Wood

Sound Designer: David Acord

Sound Effects Editors: Kimberly Patrick, Tim Farrell

Supervising Foley Editor: Joel Raabe

Foley Artist: Shelley Roden MPSE, Ronni Brown, Heikki Kossi MPSE

All the Light We Cannot See: Episode 4


Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Henighan MPSE, Ryan Cole MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: David Grimaldi

Foley Editor: Matt Cloud

Foley Artist: Steve Baine

The Continental: From the World of John Wick: “Theatre of Pain”


Supervising Sound Editor: Luke Gibleon

Sound Designer: Nick Interlandi

Sound Effects Editor: Joshua Adeniji

Foley Editors: Adrian Medhurst MPSE, Duncan Campbell

Foley Artist: Adrian Medhurst MPSE

Loki: “Glorious Purpose”


Supervising Sound Editor: Bjørn Ole Schroeder

Sound Designer: David Chrastka

Sound Effects Editors: Andre Zweers, Malcolm Fife, Jamey Scott MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Alyssa Nevarez

Foley Editor: Dawit Zemene MPSE

Foley Artist: Sandra Fox

Star Trek: Picard: “The Last Generation”


Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor

Sound Designers: Michael Schapiro, Harry Cohen MPSE

Sound Editors: Alex Pugh MPSE, Deron Street

Foley Editors: John Sanacore MPSE, Clay Weber MPSE

Foley Artist: Rick Owens MPSE

The Last of Us: “When You’re Lost in the Darkness”


Supervising Sound Editor: Michael J. Benavente

Sound Designers: Chris Battaglia MPSE, Chris Terhune

Sound Effects Editors: Mitchell Lestner, Matt Yocum MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Randy Wilson

Foley Editors: Davi Aquino, Justin Hale

Foley Artists: Justin Charbonneau, Stefan Fraticelli, William Kellerman

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Short Form

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 1: “When the Bough Breaks”


Supervising Sound Editors: Christian Buenaventura MPSE, Gary Megregian MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Tim Cleveland

Dialogue Editor: Steve Stuhr

Foley Editor: Sam Munoz

Foley Artist: Noel Vought

Barry: “wow”


Supervising Sound Editors: Sean Heissinger, Matthew E. Taylor

Sound Designer: Rickley W. Dumm MPSE

Sound Editor: Deron Street

Dialogue Editor: John Creed MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Clay Weber MPSE

Foley Editor: Darrin Mann

Foley Artists: Alyson Dee Moore MPSE, Chris Moriana

BEEF: “The Great Fabricator”


Supervising Sound Editor: Christopher Gomez MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Jerry Lafuente MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Nathan Efstation

Foley Editor: Igor Yashin

Foley Artist: Ruslan Schebisty

The Bear: “Fishes”


Supervising Sound Editors: Steve “Major” Giammaria MPSE, Andrea Bella

Sound Effects Editor: Matt Snedecor

Dialogue Editors: Evan Benjamin, John Werner

ADR Editor: John Bowen

Foley Editor: Annie Taylor

Foley Artists: Leslie Bloome, Shaun Brennan

The Mandalorian: “The Return”


Supervising Sound Editors: Trey Turner, Matthew Wood

Sound Designer: David W. Collins

Sound Effects Editors: Luis Galdames MPSE, Kevin Bolen MPSE

ADR Editors: Brad Semenoff MPSE, Ryan Coda

Supervising Foley Editor: Frank Rinella

Foley Editors: Joel Raabe, Alyssa Nevarez

Foley Artist: Shelly Roden MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Animation


Disney / Pixar

Supervising Sound Editors: Ren Klyce, Coya Elliott

Sound Designer: Ren Klyce

Sound Effects Editors: Jonathan Stevens, Ben Burtt, Kim Patrick, Steve Bissinger

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Rich Quinn

Dialogue Editor: Lisa Chino

Supervising Foley Editor: Dee Selby

Foley Editor: Nicolas Docter

Foley Artists: Shelley Roden MPSE, Heikki Kossi MPSE



Supervising Sound Editors: Daniel Laurie, Josh Gold

Sound Effects Editors: Richard Gould, Luke Dunn-Gielmuda, Scott Guitteau

Supervising Foley Editor: Thom Brennan

Foley Editor: E. Larry Oatfield

Foley Artists: Sean England, Andrea Gard

Music Editor: Bill Bernstein

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

Sony Pictures Animation

Supervising Sound Editor: Geoffrey G. Rubay

Sound Designers: John J. Pospisil, Alec G. Rubay, Kip Smedley

Sound Effects Editors: Cathryn Wang, David Werntz, Bruce Tanis MPSE, Greg ten Bosch MPSE, Daniel McNamara MPSE, Will Digby, Andy Sisul

Supervising Dialogue Editor: James Morioka MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Robert Getty MPSE, Jason W. Freeman, Kai Scheer, Ashley N. Rubay

Foley Supervisor: Colin Lechner MPSE

Foley Artist: Gregg Barbanell MPSE, Jeff Wilhoit MPSE, Dylan Wilhoit

Supervising Music Editor: Katie Greathouse

Music Editor: Barbara McDermott

The Super Mario Bros Movie

Universal Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Laurie

Sound Designers: Randy Thom MPSE, Jamey Scott MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Leff Lefferts, Qianbaihui Yang MPSE, Scott Guitteau

Supervising Foley Editor: E. Larry Oatfield

Foley Editor: Zach Martin

Foley Artists: Ronni Brown, Jana Vance, Sean England

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Documentary

32 Sounds


Supervising ADR Editor: Eliza Paley

Sound Designer: Mark Mangini MPSE

Sound Editor: Robert Kellough MPSE

ADR Editor: Mari Matsuo

Foley Artist: Joanna Fang MPSE

American Symphony

Higher Ground Productions

Supervising Sound Editor: Tristan Baylis MPSE, Tom Paul

Foley Artist: Leslie Bloome

Sound Effects Editors: Matt Snedecor, Mark Filip

Mourning In Lod

Medalia Productions

Supervising Sound Editors: Yossi Appelbaum, Lior Weitzman

Sound Designer: Yossi Appelbaum

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie


Supervising Sound Editor: Skip Lievsay

Sound Effects Editor: Rich Bologna

Dialogue Editor: Michael Feuser

Foley Supervisor: Matt Haasch

Foley Editor: Heather Gross

Foley Artist: Jay Peck

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Productions

Sound Editor: Phil DeTolve

Music Supervisor: David Cook

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Foreign Language Feature

Anatomy of a Fall


Sound Editors: Fanny Martin, Jeanne Delplancq

The Zone of Interest


Supervising Sound Editor: Johnnie Burn MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Simon Carroll, Max Behrens, Joe Mount, Brendan Feeney

Foley Editors: Ewa Mazurkiewicz, Natalia Lubowiecka MPSE, Dawid Konecki, Kamil Kwiatkowski

Godzilla Minus One

Robot Communications

Foley Artist: Natsuko Inoue

Society of the Snow


Supervising Sound Editors: Oriol Tarragó, Iosu Martinez, Guillem Giró

Foley Artists: Erik Vidal, Kiku Vidal

Sound Editors: Sarah Romero, Marc Bech, Brendan Golden

Sound Designer: Oriol Tarragó

Music Editor: John Finklea

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Dialogue / ADR


Warner Bros.

Supervising Sound Editors: Ai-Ling Lee, Dan Kenyon

Supervising Dialogue / ADR Editor: Brian Bowles MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Kate Bilinski, Tony Martinez, Tyler Newhouse

Killers of the Flower Moon


Supervising Sound Editors: Philip Stockton, Eugene Gearty

Dialogue Editors: Julia Stockton, Philip Stockton

ADR Editor: Marissa Littlefield



Supervising Sound Editors: Richard King, Rich Bologna

Supervising Dialogue / ADR Editor: Tony Martinez

Dialogue Editors: Eliza Paley, Jac Rubenstein, Fred Rosenberg

Supervising Music Editor: Jason Ruder



Supervising Sound Editors: Oliver Tarney MPSE, James Harrison

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Michael Maroussas

Dialogue Editor: Rachael Tate MPSE


Universal Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Richard King

Supervising Dialogue Editor: David Bach

Dialogue Editors: Russell Farmarco, Albert Gasser MPSE

Poor Things

Searchlight Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Johnnie Burn MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Tristan Baylis MPSE, Peter Russell

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects / Foley

Gran Turismo

Columbia Pictures

Supervising Sound Editors: Kami Asgar MPSE, Erin Oakley

Sound Designer: Charles Deenen

Sound Effects Editors: Sam Fan, Matt Cavanaugh MPSE

Sound Designer: Tim Gedemer MPSE

Foley Artists: Gary Hecker MPSE, Mike Horton

Foley Editor: Jessica Parks



Supervising Sound Editors: Tony Lamberti, Bernard Weiser MPSE

Sound Designer: David Wentz

Sound Effects Editor: Brent Findley MPSE, Steven Ticknor, Benjamin Cook MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Beso Kacharava MPSE

Foley Artist: Biko Gogaladze

Foley Editors: Alexander Sanikidze, Rati Chkhetiani

John Wick Chapter 4


Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Soucek MPSE

Sound Designers: Mark Stoeckinger, Luke Gibleon, Olivia Xiao’ou Zhang MPSE, Stephen Robinson MPSE, Gael Nicolas

Sound Effects Editors: Casey Genton, Nicolas Interlandi



Supervising Sound Editors: Oliver Tarney MPSE, James Harrison

Sound Designers: Mike Fentum, Hugo Adams

Sound Effects Editors: Aran Clifford, Kevin Penney, Rowan Watson

Foley Artists: Oliver Ferris, Sue Harding


Universal Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Richard King

Sound Effects Editor: Michael Mitchell

Sound Designer: Randy Torres

Supervising Foley Editor: Christopher Flick

Foley Artists: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci MPSE

The Killer


Sound Designer: Ren Klyce

Sound Effects Editors: Jonathon Stevens, Malcolm Fife

Supervising Sound Editor: Jeremy Molod

Supervising Foley Editor: Thom Brennan

Foley Editor: Dee Selby

Foley Artists: Shelley Roden MPSE, John Roesch MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-theatrical Animation

Blue Eye Samurai: “All Evil Dreams and Angry Words”

Netflix Animation

Supervising Sound Editor: Myron Nettinga

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Paulette Lifton MPSE

Sound Designers: Sam Hayward, Jared Dwyer MPSE, Andrew Miller MPSE

Sound Editor: Johanna Turner

Foley Artists: Jason Charbonneau, Stefan Fraticelli

Foley Editor: Justin Helle

Blue Eye Samurai: “Hammerscale”

Netflix Animation

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul N.J Ottosson

Sound Effects Editor: Leo Marcel

Dialogue Editor: Daniel Saxlix MPSE

Foley Editor: Shawn Kennelley

Foley Artists: Melissa Kennelley, Vince Nicastro

Justice League: “Warworld”

Warner Bros. Animation

Sound Designer: Robert Hargreaves MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Mark Keatts

Dialogue Editors: Mike Garcia MPSE, Kelly Foley-Downs

The Monkey King

Netflix Animation

Supervising Sound Editors: David Giammarco, Eric A. Norris MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Sean Massey MPSE

Sound Designers: Jon Title MPSE, Tim Nielsen

Foley Artists: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-theatrical Documentary

100 Foot Wave: “Lost at Sea”


Supervising Sound Editor: Keith Hodne

Dialogue Editor: Max Holland

Sound Designer: Eric Di Stefano

Sound Effects Editors: Eli Akselrod, Mika Anami

Sound Designer: Kevin Senzaki MPSE

David Attenborough’s Conquest of The Skies

Atlantic Productions

Supervising Sound Editor/ Sound Designer: Oliver Kadel

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: “Over the Limit”


Supervising Sound Editors: Steve Speed, Nick Fry

Sound Supervisors: Adam King, Doug Dreger

Sound Designers: Ivan Onek, James Spooner

Our Planet II: “Chapter 3: The Next Generation”


Sound Editor: George Fry

Waco: American Apocalypse “In the Beginning…”


Supervising Sound Editor: Trip Brock MPSE

Sound Designer: Itai Levy

Sound Effects Editor: Eric Gillingham MPSE, GW Pope, III

Dialogue Editor: Jackie Johnson

World War II: From the Front Lines: “Turning Point”


Supervising Sound Editor: Luke Hatfield

Sound Designer: Sophie-Alice Davies

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-theatrical Feature

Black Mirror: Beyond the Sea


Supervising Sound Editor: Antony Bayman

Dialogue/ADR Editor: Alex Sawyer

Sound Effects Editor: Jane Lo

Supervising Foley Editor: Adam Méndez

Foley Editor: Rob Davidson

Foley Artist: Sue Harding

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die


Supervising Sound Editor: Jack Gillies

Dialogue/ADR Supervisor: Michael Williams

ADR Editor: Steve Berezai

Foley Editor: Neale Ross

Foley Artist: Jason Swanscott

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie


Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Dan Kremer MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Dan Douglass MPSE

Foley Artist: Brian Staub

Publish or Perish

Alation Media

Supervising Sound Editor: Leslie Gaston-Bird MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Anna Sulley MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Lora Cornes, Naomi Graham, Jahmai Bruce

Foley Artists: Ruth Sullivan, Karo Jedrzejczyk

71st Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards Music Editorial Nominees

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Broadcast Long Form

Daisy Jones and the Six: “Track 8: Looks Like We Made It”

Amazon Prime

Supervising Music Editor: Amber Funk MPSE

Music Editor: Mike Poole

Fargo: “The Tiger”


Music Editor: Ben Schor

Loki: “Glorious Purpose”


Supervising Music Editor: Anele Onyekwere

Music Editors: Nashia Wachsman, Richard Armstrong, Ed Hamilton

The Last of Us: “When You’re Lost in the Darkness”


Music Editor: Maarten Hofmeijer

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: “Susan”

Amazon Prime

Lead Music Editor: Annette Kudrak

Ted Lasso: “Sunflowers”


Lead Music Editor: Richard David Brown MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Broadcast Short Form

BEEF: “The Great Fabricator”


Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant J. Fuhrman, Andrew Ransom

Dave: “Met Gala”


Supervising Music Editor: Amber Funk MPSE

Music Editor: James Sullivan

Only Murders in the Building: “Opening Night”


Music Editor: Micha Liberman

The Bear: “Fishes”


Music Editors: Jason Lingle, Jeff Lingle

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Documentary

American Symphony


Lead Music Editor: Ignacio Bonet


Greenwich Entertainment

Supervising Music Editor: Michal Fojcik MPSE

Music Editor: Joanna Popowicz

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie


Music Editor: Bill Bernstein



Music Editor: Greg Gettens

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Feature Motion Picture


Warner Bros.

Supervising Music Editor: Suzana Perić

Music Editor: Mick Gormaley

Creed III

Amazon / MGM

Music Editor: Nicholas Fitzgerald



Supervising Music Editor: Jason Ruder

Music Editor: Victoria Ruggiero


Universal Pictures

Supervising Music Editor: Amanda Goodpaster

Music Editors: Felipe Pacheco, Alex Gibson

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Sony Pictures

Supervising Music Editor: Katie Greathouse

Music Editor: Barbara McDermott


Warner Bros.

Supervising Music Editor: Katrina Schiller MPSE

Music Editors: Mark Willsher MPSE, Michael Connell, Janet Grab

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