Opera is adding Google's Gemini AI to its browser

The company is testing image generation and text-to-audio features enabled by Google's technologies.


Opera users can already rely on the capabilities of OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) whenever they use the browser's Aria built-in AI assistant. But now, the company has also teamed up with Google to integrate its Gemini AI models into Aria. According to Opera, its Composer AI engine can process the user's intent based on their inquiry and then decide which model to use for each particular task.

Google called Gemini the "the most capable model [it has] ever built" when it officially announced the LLM last year. Since then, the company has announced Gemini-powered features across its products and has built the Gemini AI chatbot right into Android. Opera said that thanks to Gemini's integration, its browser "will now be able to provide its users with the most current information, at high performance."

The company's partnership with Google also enables Aria to offer new experimental features as part of its AI Feature Drop program. Users who have the Opera One Developer version of the browser can try a new image generation feature powered by Google's Imagen 2 model for free — in the image above, for instance, the user asked Aria to "make an image of a dog on vacation at a beach having a drink." In addition, users can listen to Aria read out responses in a conversational tone using Google's text-to-audio model. If everything goes well during testing, Opera could roll out the features to everyone, though they can still go through some changes, depending on early adopters' feedback.