Ontra Announces Rollout of eSignature Capability

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New Feature Enables Asset Managers to Sign Contracts Electronically Within the Ontra Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, August 16, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ontra, the leading provider of contract automation and intelligence for the world’s most prominent asset management firms, today announced the availability of the company’s eSignature capability, designed to accelerate the contract signature process and provide a better experience for negotiating parties.

Historically, executing contracts has involved a paper-intensive process that places a high administrative burden on internal legal teams. While stand-alone eSignature capabilities alleviate some of this burden, lawyers and deal professionals must still manually pull contracts into a separate eSignature platform before they can sign them. Ontra’s new eSignature capability addresses this issue by seamlessly embedding signature functionality directly into the Ontra platform. Ontra eSignature accelerates contract execution by alleviating inefficiencies that have historically delayed the signature process.

With Ontra eSignature, Asset Managers can:

  • Simultaneously deliver signature-ready contracts to all parties, eliminating lags caused by sequential signing.

  • Prompt signatories to take immediate action through automated reminders.

  • Avoid bottlenecks by reassigning signature responsibility to different individuals within their company.

"We are constantly evolving the Ontra platform to meet the needs of our private market customers, which seek agility, efficiency, and greater returns," said Mitch Spierer, VP of Product, Ontra. "With our eSignature capability, asset managers can save time signing, tracking, and managing contracts, ultimately allowing them to complete deals faster."

For more information on Ontra’s eSignature capability, please visit: https://www.ontra.ai/blog/in-app-esignatures-speed-up-the-contracting-process/

About Ontra

Ontra is the global leader in Contract Automation and Intelligence for private asset management firms. The Ontra platform combines AI-enabled software with a worldwide network of highly trained lawyers to modernize recurring legal workflows. Ontra’s solutions improve all aspects of the contract lifecycle — from negotiating and processing routine contracts to tracking obligations in complex agreements. Ultimately, Ontra reduces the time, expense, and risk associated with contract management, freeing its customers to focus on other strategic priorities.

Ontra is headquartered in San Francisco, with global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at www.ontra.ai.

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