OnlyFans and Twitch star Amouranth launched an AI version of herself that will 'date' fans for $1 per minute

Forever Companion
AI platform Forever Voices is partnering with influencers and OnlyFans stars to create artificial versions of themselves to chat with fans.Screen shot of Forever Companion bot/Amanda Perelli
  • OnlyFans star Amouranth created an artificial version of her voice to chat with fans.

  • She partnered with tech startup and AI platform Forever Voices.

  • With the feature, her fans can receive instant voice responses to their questions.

Fans of Kaitlyn Siragusa, known to millions online as Amouranth, can now chat with "her" instantly thanks to a new AI-powered voice chatbot called "AI Amo."

Siragusa, who is a top creator on OnlyFans and Twitch, partnered with the tech startup and AI platform Forever Voices to launch the chatbot, which charges $1 per minute through Stripe. The company developed her artificial voice by analyzing her livestreams, YouTube videos, and other recordings.

Fans can chat with AI Amo by downloading a special Telegram link which prompts the sign-up message: "Date AI versions of your favorite influencers using immersive 2-way voice. By using this platform, you agree that you are aged 18+. Type /Amouranth or /Caryn to get started."

Forever Companion
Screen shot of Forever Companion bot/Amanda Perelli

After selecting an influencer, users must "deposit credits" to unlock the feature, and chatting with AI Amo costs $1 per minute.

After paying, fans can send voice messages in the chat and receive instant responses in what sounds like Amouranth's voice. The feature is a two-way chat between artificial Siragusa and her paying fans. The bot can also engage in sexually explicit talk, the company said.

Fan interactions are a major income driver for Siragusa, as is adult content. In 2022, Siragusa tweeted that she'd earned over $27 million on OnlyFans, and told Insider she was earning $1.5 million per month from the platform. Creators on OnlyFans earn income by paywalling content and charging fans for messages.

Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie was the first creator to announce using Forever Voice, creating a virtual "AI Girlfriend." She told Fortune that she believed it could eventually bring in $5 million a month, based on 20,000 of her 1.8 million Snapchat followers signing up for the service.

But for Marjorie, the tool has run into some issues. Marjorie told NBC that her chatbot was not supposed to engage in "sexually explicit" interactions, but did anyway. Marjorie said that her bot "seemed to go rogue," and that her team was working to prevent this from happening again. Siragusa's AI, in contrast, is meant to engage in explicit chats with fans.

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