The only symbol of post-Brexit pride

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<span>Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters</span>
Photograph: John Sibley/Reuters

Despite living in a post-Brexit failed state with the most mendacious, corrupt and criminally incompetent government in living memory, and with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Europe, having just received my new British passport (albeit black rather than blue), I can now say with pride that it’s all been worthwhile.
Tony Mays

• “Money advice may be the best medicine for long-term health issues”, says the headline in the print version of your article (19 April). Given that poor people have worse health and shorter lives than rich people, it’s a pity that the word “advice” has accidentally slipped in to that heading.
Kath Howard
Telford, Shropshire

• I thank Dr Antony Wyatt for the correction regarding “stickball” being hockey rather than golf (Letters, 18 April). Perhaps the name of the game that would be played by the new European Super League should be “greedball”.
Dr Richard Lewis
Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

• In my experience, golf is usually referred to as “lost ball”.
Geoff Court
Gilmorton, Leicestershire

• Surely you “buy” the Guardian if you pay cash for it, and you “take” it if you have a subscription (Letters, 18 April).
Stuart Waterworth
Tavistock, Devon

• We “get” the Guardian. In more ways than one.
Jennifer Evans
Aldershot, Hampshire

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