For one young Baltimore Orioles fan, a baseball that was once lost is now found again

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Screengrab of Baltimore Orioles Twitter video

While the Yankees won 6-2 at Baltimore on Monday night, one young Orioles fan left the game as a two-time winner.

A home run by the Orioles’ Anthony Santander ended up in the hands of the kid, who dutifully posed for photos for his dad.

But the boy gave in to temptation and showed off his arm, throwing the ball back on the field, to the chagrin of dear ol’ dad. Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks retrieved the ball, and tossed it in the stands ... away from the boy and his father.

“Oh no!” one broadcaster exclaimed.

The other added: “They’re gonna have no idea.”

But one woman in the stands did know the ball had been thrown by a young fan. And eventually the ball made it back to the kid, as fans in the area cheered. The broadcasters were happy, too.

This was a heart-warming tale, shared by the Orioles, and the video soon went viral.

Ah, you can’t beat fun at the ol’ ballpark.

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