One to watch: Logic1000

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The Berlin-based Australian DJ delivers beats and melody in abundance

Too often in dance music, melody is treated as something you’re forced to endure while waiting for the beat to kick back in. A little sugar with your medicine. Samantha Poulter knows better. Her stellar Logic1000 productions romp gleefully across genres, but always pack an arresting tune. House music is her heart, but a teenage love for Destiny’s Child and Missy Elliott bulges out of wonderfully idiosyncratic songs such as Na and Perfume.

Poulter posted tracks online as DJ Logic for a few years, until another DJ Logic served a cease-and-desist order. Relaunched in 2019 as Logic1000, the raw emotion and floor-shivering bass of her debut 12-inch, DJ Logic Please Forgive Me, propelled Poulter to another level. Her music is equally powerful in or out of clubs, with songs such as What You Like seeking sympathy between Bicep and Mazzy Star.

Poulter moved to Berlin last year but grew up in Sydney, playing drums in her sister’s spaghetti western rock band, working in retail, childcare and mental health. In 2022 she’ll be back in the DJ booth, after time out with the pandemic and a new baby. She also plans to work on her debut album, although she has no idea what it’ll sound like yet. “My music’s all very spontaneous,” she says. “I’m not a logical thinker!”

Logic1000’s EP In the Sweetness of You is out now on Therapy.

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