The One/Size Cheek Clapper Palette Has All the Blush Options You'll Ever Need

Here's an honest review.

<p>Courtesy Sephora</p>

Courtesy Sephora

Liquid blush has a host of benefits — strong pigment and easy application, for starters — but one of the major downsides is that it can be too heavy, both in color and formulation. So for the blush adverse, a cream or powder formula can come in handy. And if you're looking to get the most natural-looking flush across your cheeks, and plenty of formula options to boot, there's one palette you must try: The One/Size Cheek Clapper Blush.

The cheeky name (pun very much intended) immediately grabbed my attention — the more iconic the product name, the better, in my opinion. However, its amazing color payoff and blendable formula are what really keep me reaching for more. Whenever I'm looking to use blush to define my cheeks, it's my go-to. Because with this product, you get three types of blush all in one palette: Flex Cream, Full Impact Matte, and Hyper Sheen.

Each formulation can be used alone or layered on top of one another for buildable coverage. The first blush in the palette — the Flex Cream — comes in, you guessed it, a cream formula you can use as your base for natural-looking color. Next up, the Full Impact Matte is a powder formula that blurs the appearance of pores and gives skin bold color in a matte finish. Last, if you're looking for some shimmer, the Hyper Sheen layers on the other two formulas nicely, giving your complexion a subtle glow. Each shade blends in seamlessly with the skin for a natural-looking finish. The best part? It has long-lasting power to stay all day.

Because blush comes in so many forms (liquid, cream, powder, cheek tints, and more), choosing the right one all depends on what you're hoping to achieve — or rather, what you personally like best. "Powder is usually the best option for those who prefer a full coverage base and want more control of product placement and a matte finish," celebrity makeup artist Emily Cheng previously told InStyle. "Cream blush is an easier option if you're often applying makeup on the go as you can easily do so with your fingers, and a stain is great for all-day wear, and/or activities where you might be sweating or swimming, etc."

With this palette, though, you don't have to choose between different types of blush as you get two right at your disposal. Encased in bright pink packaging, which has serious weight and depth, the product will take up some room in your purse. But it's well worth it: the palette also comes with a mirror to double as a compact for touch-ups. One/Size also offers six shades, which range from peachy oranges to Barbiecore pink and deep plums, so you can pick whichever blush hue you tend to gravitate towards.

So if you're looking for the blush palette to end all blush palettes, the One/Size Cheek Clapper is definitely the way to go. Chances are you won't disappointed.

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