One of the ‘most envied’ suburbs in America is in the Treasure Valley, new study shows

A Treasure Valley city was recently named among the most-envied in the country for its suburban lifestyle.

Moving Feedback, a moving company reviewer, surveyed 3,000 U.S. adults to create a ranking of the 175 most envied suburban lifestyles in America.

Here is Idaho’s sole inclusion on the list, and why it made the cut.

Eagle, ID

The city limits of Eagle, which is northwest of downtown Boise and north of Meridian.
The city limits of Eagle, which is northwest of downtown Boise and north of Meridian.

Eagle was ranked 143rd. Eagle is about an eight-mile drive from downtown Boise along either Hill Road or State Street. It takes around 20 minutes in normal traffic.

Residents on the neighborhood website Niche cite Eagle’s “small-town feel with access to all the things you crave from a larger city” and describe it as “the kind of place where neighbors really get to know and care for each other.”

Eagle has a population of 32,399, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and is ranked the best place to raise a family in Idaho on Niche. About 22% of Eagle’s population is over 65, with the next two largest demographic groups being ages 55-64 (15%) and 10-17 (14%).

The median household income for Eagle is $99,814, according to the Census Bureau, while the median price for a home is $488,500. Renters pay about $1,516 per month and up.

Despite Eagle’s excellent proximity to downtown Boise, residents don’t have to go far to find everything they need.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Eagle Sports Complex, which is just down the road from the highly-rated Shadow Valley Golf Course, which is just inside Garden City limits. Several Boise Foothills hikes are also accessible from Eagle, including the 2.3-mile Veterans and Big Springs Loop Trail.

Eagle also has no shortage of high-quality schools. Niche ranks Eagle’s public school options as B+.

The top 10 most envied suburbs in America

According to Moving Feedback, these suburbs are the top-10 most envied in America for their lifestyles:

  1. Calabasas, California

  2. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

  3. Huntington Bay, New York

  4. SouthPark, North Carolina

  5. Forest Acres, South Carolina

  6. Sugar Land, Texas

  7. Alpharetta, Georgia

  8. Alamo Heights, Texas

  9. Mercer Island, Washington

  10. McLean, Virginia