One of Kim Kardashian's friends posted a video of her rapping and people are losing it

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Photo credit: Tracy Romulus - Instagram
Photo credit: Tracy Romulus - Instagram

Kim Kardashian's birthday is a big day in celebrity world. The Skims mogul spends every October 21st reposting birthday tributes from friends and famous pals on Instagram, and this year was no different. But buried amongst the glam shots and Y2K throwbacks there was one video in her birthday tributes that has sent fans wild, because it's a video of Kim rapping. When we say Twitter is having a field day...

Any Kardashian-Jenner birthday is likely to get a lot of action over on Instagram, but Kim's really is always a big one, and as the Skims founder turned 41 yesterday (October 21) everyone from Donatella Versace to Cara Delevingne sent some virtual birthday love which Kim reposted to her Stories.

One particular birthday tribute came from Tracy Romulus, Kar-Jenner family friend and chief marketing officer of KKW brand. Quite the title, isn't it? And it's probably why she got away with sharing two outright embarrassing posts of Kim - one of her wearing boots with a broken heel and another of her rapping. Yes, rapping.

Now, we all remember Kim's sensational-for-all-the-wrong-reasons 2011 single "Jam (Turn It Up)", but this is clearly far more recent and somehow that makes it worse. Of course, Twitter felt exactly the same and it didn't take long for the video to gain traction...

Only Kim can steal the thunder off her own birthday. Impressive, in a way.

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