The One Heart Movement Stands in Worldwide Solidarity With & Shows Support for Asian-American and African-American Communities in Light of Recent Hate Crimes

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Founder, Humanitarian & Former Miss Philippines International, Krista Kleiner, Expands the #OneHeartHandoff Challenge to Help Love Outshine Hate, Inspiring Global Followers to Voice Their Love & Allyship with the AAPI and African-American Communities

The One Heart Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering unity and community love, is inspiring global support, solidarity and unity in light of recent hate crimes, particularly against the Asian-American and African-American communities. The movement’s founder, humanitarian and former Miss Philippines International, Krista Kleiner, has launched a fresh iteration of The One Heart Movement’s virally successful #OneHeartHandoff campaign in response to the devastating events that marred the month of March and the recent murder of Daunte Wright. While the initial #OneHeartHandoff challenge asked users to dance, the new challenge encourages participants to share spoken messages of love, support and gratitude for medical workers, the AAPI community, African-American community and ultimately – one another. So far, the #OneHeartHandoff has amassed a reach of over 15M social media impressions globally in just a little over two months.

A woman proud of her Filipino descent, Kleiner has strong ties to both the AAPI and African-American communities. She was left broken-hearted after witnessing the racially charged hate crimes that have targeted Asian-Americans and the police murder of yet another African-American. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, it is important to Kleiner to extend the outreach and momentum of The One Heart Movement beyond medical staffers to an all-inclusive outpouring of love for people of all ethnic backgrounds. By unifying as one community, Kleiner knows we can reach those who are hurting, set a standard of support and catalyze positive social change around the world.

"The U.S. needs to come together as a nation," said Kleiner. "Our country is in visible pain. We cannot turn our heads or look the other way. We must stand up and voice our love and allyship for each other and the world as a whole. We must lead with love, as love breeds love! Sharing a message of love, unity and gratitude through the #OneHeartHandoff campaign is a way to make a positive global impact during this time."

Kleiner kicked off the extended iteration of the #OneHeartHandoff social media challenge in March with a beautiful, bold message of support for the Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander community. She has since shared another heartfelt message of solidarity with the African American community in light of Daunte Wright’s murder.

The One Heart Movement’s original #OneHeartHandoff campaign was centered around showing support for healthcare workers affected by the pandemic. Since their Valentine’s Day launch, Kleiner has been visiting and gifting to Los Angeles and Orange County hospitals on behalf of The One Heart Movement, delivering gifts and cards to thank healthcare heroes for their ongoing efforts against COVID-19. Through her visits to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, LAC+USC Medical Center, Saint John’s Health Center, St. Jude Medical Center and MemorialCare Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital, she has aimed to spread cheer and show support while offering tokens of love and gratitude as healthcare workers come into and leave their 12-hour shifts.

In the two months since the #OneHeartHandoff’s Valentine’s Day kickoff, the One Heart Movement has passed a social media reach of 15M impressions around the world. Top influencers across the globe have gotten involved, including Dixie and Charli D’Amelio; their parents, Marc and Heidi; Dr. Tess Mauricio; Teala Dunn; Ashley Nocera; Mr. Hotspot; Ruffa Mae Quinto; Mia Mugavero; Andr3x; Bailey Muñoz; the Neffati Brothers, and the Philippine All Stars.

About the One Heart Movement

The One Heart Movement is not a typical non-profit foundation. They are a movement that is centered around the strength and power of Community Love. Founded by TV host, humanitarian and former Miss Philippines International, Krista Kleiner, they know that the alignment of heart and community has the power to create transformational change. The One Heart Movement was founded in January of 2021 to unify us as a national and global community to help us overcome both current and future challenges. Their current focus is to provide support to our healthcare heroes and the families of healthcare heroes we have lost in this battle against COVID-19. It was inspired by their deeply held belief that we can accomplish so much more when we come together and find our common ground. The One Heart Movement is committed to be a driving force for good and will serve as a vehicle to support other important causes in the future, with an underlying focus on mental health and well-being. To learn more please visit

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