One of the Best Creative Nonfiction Books in 2022 Is 'Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling' by Vandross Idiake

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 8, 2022) - Vandross Idiake, an ARThor who blends the lines between art and literature, has announced the forthcoming release of his provocative debut, Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling. Part philosophy and part commentary, this book breaks convention in a revolutionary way to challenge the modern reader's beliefs, values, and perceptions.

Book cover of Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling

Partially inspired by the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling reconstructs the very idea of how a book can or should be written and consumed. Each section unfolds in a natural sequence, some told in long form and others in a loose verse, all according to the ARThor's instincts. Unlike traditional works, Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling is an experience instead of purely a form of entertainment. Idiake shepherds the audience through each construct, speaking of dreams, death, and the ever-present search for meaning.

Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling will resonate with Gen Z and Millennials alike. Many of the topics are timeless and universal, prompting readers to consider questions such as, "What will it mean to be beautiful 20 years from now?" There are no right or wrong answers since every person will have their own unique relationship with the various constructs contained in this book.

During an age of changing social structures and norms, the ARThor hopes to remind the world that tomorrow isn't promised. Ideas are meant to be shared, and dreams must always be protected. This is the heart of Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling. Idiake hopes that his work will help others feel something and view the world a bit differently from before.

Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling is available for purchase on Amazon and the author's website.

Vandross Idiake is an author, U.S. war veteran, and businessman with a passion for inspiring creative courage in those around him. He's extremely culturally diverse, having visited many countries throughout his lifetime. When he isn't writing, Idiake runs a consulting company called Moonboy Capital Ventures to teach people about blockchain technology. Visit him online at

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