Oma Savings Bank Plc's Board of Directors has decided to pay a dividend for the 2019 financial year

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Oma Savings Bank Plc’s Board of Directors has decided to pay a dividend for the 2019 financial year

The Board of Directors of Oma Savings Bank Plc (OmaSp or Company) has taken into account the recommendations of the FIN-FSA Financial Supervisory Authority and, after careful consideration, decided to distribute a dividend of EUR 0.13 per share entitling to dividend for the financial year from January 1 to December 31, 2019, amounting to EUR 3.8 million. OmaSp's 2020 Annual General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to decide on the payment of a dividend of up to EUR 0.19 and the date of payment. The dividend to be distributed falls short of the authorization of the Annual General Meeting, which will be taken into account by OmaSp's Board of Directors in future dividend proposals.

The Board of Directors has estimated that OmaSp's capital adequacy position is stable and the Company has been prepared for an exceptionally uncertain financial situation with an additional loss allowance, among other things. The dividend payment does not jeopardize the Company's financial position or any other of its risk position.

The record date for the dividend payable is February 1, 2021, and the payment date is February 8, 2021.

Oma Savings Bank Plc’s Board of Directors

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Pasi Sydänlammi, CEO, puh +358 45 657 5506,
Sarianna Liiri, CFO, puh. +358 40 835 6712,
Minna Sillanpää, CCO, tel. +358 50 66592,

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OmaSp is a growing Finnish bank and the largest savings bank in Finland based on total assets. About 300 professionals provide nationwide services through OmaSp’s 32 branch offices and digital service channels to 140,000 private and corporate customers. OmaSp focuses primarily on retail banking operations and provides its clients with a broad range of banking services both through its own balance sheet as well as by acting as an intermediary for its partners’ products. The intermediated products include credit, investment and loan insurance products. OmaSp is also engaged in mortgage banking operations.

OmaSp core idea is to provide personal service and to be local and close to its customers, both in digital and traditional channels. OmaSp strives to offer premium level customer experience through personal service and easy accessibility. In addition, the development of the operations and services is customer-oriented. The personnel is committed and OmaSp seeks to support their career development with versatile tasks and continuous development. A substantial part of the personnel also own shares in OmaSp.