Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim unveiled on 'The Masked Singer,' promptly calls out Ken Jeong

Chris Cwik
·1 min read

Ken Jeong’s elation on “The Masked Singer” on Wednesday didn’t last long. Jeong knew Olympic snowboarder and gold medalist Chloe Kim was dressed up as Jellyfish, but Jeong probably didn’t expect to be called out by Kim just moments after her reveal.

That’s exactly what happened. After Kim took off her mask, she called out Jeong for giving her the cold shoulder.

Turns out, Kim is a big fan of Jeong, and decided to direct message the actor on Instagram a few years ago. Jeong never read that message. Kim’s call out wasn’t mean spirited. She jokingly teased Jeong about the snub.

He responded by saying he would DM Kim back soon, which drew a laugh from the crowd.

Prior to the callout, Jeong made it clear how much he respects Kim. Jeong said his daughters look up to her, and called her “a huge name in [Jeong’s] household.” Jeong added, “You inspire us all.”

Chloe Kim was a breakout star at 2018 Olympics

Kim took the Olympic world by storm in 2018, winning a gold medal in the halfpipe for Team USA at just 17. With that performance, Kim became the youngest woman to win an Olympic gold medal for snowboarding.

While the 2018 Olympics introduced Kim to a huge, national audience, she’d been dominating the snowboarding scene for years. In 2016, Kim won the gold medal in the halfpipe at the Young Olympics. She’s also won four gold medals at the X Games.

On top of all that, Kim can actually sing and received plenty of praise — from both fans and the judges — for her vocal performance on “The Masked Singer.”

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