Olivia Colman Recalls Wetting Herself On Stage Thanks To David Mitchell: 'My Entire Bladder Emptied'

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Olivia Colman has revealed she once wet herself while on stage with Peep Show co-star David Mitchell.

The Oscar-winning actor told of how her “entire bladder emptied” after getting a case of the giggles while performing.

Speaking to Rufus Norris, co-director of the National Theatre for its Life In Stages YouTube series, Olivia pointed the finger of blame at David, saying: “It was his fault!”

Olivia Colman  (Photo: Amy Sussman via Getty Images)
Olivia Colman (Photo: Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

She said: “It is also a fear in the back of my head, that I could pee myself on stage. I did do it once, on a ranked stage.

“My entire bladder emptied and it just went towards the audience in the front row. It made it worse.”

Olivia added that the audience were aware of what happened and were “moving away from little bits of wee”.

Olivia was on stage with David Mitchell when she wet herself laughing (Photo: Mike Marsland via Getty Images)
Olivia was on stage with David Mitchell when she wet herself laughing (Photo: Mike Marsland via Getty Images)

During the interview, Olivia also revealed she underwent hypnotherapy in a bid to tackle her stage fright.

She said she “developed a massive fear” of being on stage due to the “disappointment” fans may feel if she does not meet their expectations.

Explaining that it had got worse due to her increased fame, she said: “I worry that as I get older and slightly more recognisable, the fear... that all these people will watch when you fuck it up and say: ‘We went to see that person we have seen on the telly – not that good on stage’. I think I’ve built it up. I did love it. I need to get over that.”

Asked by Norris how the fear manifests itself, she said before going on stage she would think, “I fucking hate this job, I fucking hate myself and I’m going to vomit or wee’, and suddenly you are on stage.

“It’s an awful feeling.”

Watch the full interview with Olivia below...


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