Olivia Attwood ‘to make shock return to I’m A Celeb jungle’

Olivia Attwood  (PA Wire)
Olivia Attwood (PA Wire)

Olivia Attwood is set to make a shock return to I’m A Celebrity after leaving the show last year due to health concerns, according to reports.

The former Love Island contestant, 31, dropped out of the ITV series in November after a routine blood test showed she was anaemic.

The check, which all contestants undergo, also revealed low sodium and potassium levels, prompting show staff to rush her to hospital.

But sources told the Mail on Sunday that bosses have lured the star back for the upcoming series later this year.

The insider said: “Olivia's time in the jungle last year was to give her a platform so that ITV could give her a big show.

“They had a huge future mapped out for her. She's a big draw for the much-sought-after younger viewers.

“Then it all came to an end after her blood tests came back.

“Now they are getting her back for this year and will start the whole plan again. ITV bosses know she will be so popular on I'm A Celeb… and that viewers will just love her.”

Ms Attwood said she was left disappointed for having to depart after just 24 hours in the Australian jungle.

In an interview following her exit, she said: "I was so scared. I was like 'What the hell is wrong with me?'. They couldn't give me an answer. They just told me they had to get me to the hospital immediately. The results were really, really low."

But Olivia said when the tests were repeated, they came back normal.

She was then taken to a hotel to sleep while ITV decided whether she could re-enter the camp.

Olivia added: "They said because of the results the show's medical team got, they were not happy to sign me off to come back in, even though I had the clean bill of health from the hospital.

"They feared my levels might drop and it could be detrimental to my health and wellbeing."

Olivia added that not being able to return to see her camp mates left her "absolutely devastated".