OG Anunoby on playing with Pascal: ‘Just give him the ball and get out the way’

OG Anunoby discussed hunting for mismatches, playing alongside Pascal Siakam, Toronto’s mindset heading back home down 3-2, and more after a mammoth Game 5 win in Philly. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript


OG ANUNOBY: We just try to move the ball from side to side, side screens, roll, look for the mismatch, and just step in the shots, and just move the ball, and play freely.


And both are equally impressive. Oh, definitely, just Pascal just give him the ball, get out of the way. He's a really talented player. He can score from anywhere. And he makes his teammates better. So he led us to victory today.

- How are things different for you out there when Fred is not on the floor?

OG ANUNOBY: Different for me. Fred, he finds me a lot for my 3s. And he just gets us in spots and just gets us organized. So when he's not out there, just collective effort for the whole team just to pick up what he does for us and players on the side too. I think it's everyone. Like Gary, Scottie, keep me and just trying to get people in the right spots and run a set or just get the offense going.

- They kind of a few times, in the fourth quarter, made a few runs. And it seemed like each time you guys would knock down two or three shots and all the way back up into double digits. How important was it to keep that crowd out of it knowing how it can get in this building, these types of games?

OG ANUNOBY: I think we're just a resilient group. And we weren't really worried about the crowd. We're just trying to get a stop and score. Every time, we're trying to get a stop and score. So regardless, we're going to try to get a stop at score. Always playing with great energy, stepping the shots. He's attacking the rim, going to the free throw line. He's really talented too, special talent. And he's just growing in front of everyone.

- We're going to accept one question online. Go ahead, Josh.

- Yeah, one from [INAUDIBLE]

- Hey, OG. You mentioned mismatch hunting. How big of a part of the game plan was that at the start to kind of force them to adjust?

OG ANUNOBY: Yeah, just try to find-- because we're all like 6'8 out there. So try to find the mismatch, and then post a double, and then move the ball around, and just go from there.

- How comfortable have you gotten doing that over the course of this season especially? I think as the season has gone on, we got more comfortable.

OG ANUNOBY: I think it's-- I think everyone's got more comfortable the season's gone on. Just the more reps, the better.

- Is that a pretty reliable source of offense for you guys, especially when Fred is out and it's more 6' 9 guys like you said?

OG ANUNOBY: Yeah, I think so. I mean, we're just trying to win the game. So if it's that, if it's 3s, if it's transition, if it's offensive rebounds, whatever to win the game.

- All right, thank you.

OG ANUNOBY: Thank you.

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